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Stockholm’s Woods and Waters

I’ve found that most students that come to study at KTH choose the university for its career opportunities, its reputation, its campus facilities, etc.. If you ask students living here what their favourite thing about Stockholm is though, the answer is often “I love how close I am to nature!” It’s definitely one of my … Continue reading “Stockholm’s Woods and Waters”

Visiting Fotografiska

The Fotografiska Museum of Photography is definitely one of the top places of interest for creative people in Stockholm. This is not a museum for the history of the development of photography in Sweden, as one might think, but a popular gallery displaying the works of the most famous contemporary artists from all over the … Continue reading “Visiting Fotografiska”

Hej, Hello, Dia Duit!

Hey there! Declan here, I’m very happy to introduce myself as one of the new bloggers for the KTH International Student Blog! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with you my experiences from my life at KTH alongside my fellow bloggers Claire and Valerie. First, I’ll just give a flavour of my background and … Continue reading “Hej, Hello, Dia Duit!”

Must have Experiences at KTH

Being a student at KTH is definitely an amazing experience especially if you are part of the campus activities and make total use of the opportunities on campus. In this blog post, I talk about the must-have experiences during your time at KTH. Build your own start up at KTH Innovation You have the opportunity … Continue reading “Must have Experiences at KTH”

Cultural comforts in Sweden

This week marks two years of my time in Sweden and it has been an amazing journey. The primary reason is attributed to the culture and lifestyle followed in Sweden. I ended up falling in love with the culture and the life I was building myself here. I felt comfortable in numerous ways with many … Continue reading “Cultural comforts in Sweden”

VIND 2018

Do you know that Sweden has a plan to be fully powered by renewable energy in 2040? What does this mean for everyone interested in the renewable energy sector? These are the questions that will open the floor for this year’s VIND conference. In fact, the seminar begins with discussions and report presentations from key … Continue reading “VIND 2018”