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Hosting Thanksgiving in Sweden

As an international student, I’ve learned a lot about my friends and the places they’re from through food. Whether it’s Spanish tortilla, Italian pasta made “right”, Greek Pastitsio, German Spätzle, Swedish falukorv, Argentinian asados, or Portuguese Bacalhau, it is never served without a backstory.  This weekend though, it was my turn to cook and tell. … Continue reading “Hosting Thanksgiving in Sweden”

Saving Money in Stockholm: Five Tips for Students

Ah, the lifestyle of a student… Our schedule is grounded in our studies, but we also have a high degree of flexibility compared to working professionals. We get to be part of a concentrated community of young people while also living on our own as young adults. We work hard, but we get to have … Continue reading “Saving Money in Stockholm: Five Tips for Students”

Where to grocery shop

Coming to a new country, many things will be different. One of them, is the question on where to grocery shop 🤯 To bring some light into the darkness, here come some ideas on where you can get your groceries. Hemköp Personally, my favourite of the Swedish supermarkets. The prices are a bit higher compared … Continue reading “Where to grocery shop”

Packing for Sweden: What not to carry?

19/07/2019 – I had exactly 30 days before I departed to Sweden. I remember having a strange mix of anxiety and excitement or as the Swedes call it – Resfeber. The panic mode was ON and I was on a shopping spree. I was talking to seniors who were in Stockholm. I was reading all … Continue reading “Packing for Sweden: What not to carry?”

Quarantine days. How’s that going?

The COVID 19 virus has turned the world upside down and every single country is trying to fight the pandemic. KTH being a technical institute organised a hackathon along with the Swedish government and other stakeholders to find creative solutions to help with this resistance. KTH has also shut down and turned towards online classes … Continue reading “Quarantine days. How’s that going?”