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Cost of Living as a Student at KTH: Srikar’s Edition

Hello everyone! I can sense the excitement about your application results, and I hope you’re all set with your supporting documents. Remember, the deadline for document submission and application fee payment is fast approaching on February 1. I understand that many of you may have questions about life in Sweden, as I did when I … Continue reading “Cost of Living as a Student at KTH: Srikar’s Edition”

Sailing Into An Unforgettable Student Adventure

For students seeking a unique and memorable experience, a cruise to an island in Sweden might just be the perfect escape. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the excitement of student life on the high seas, focusing on my personal adventure aboard the Armada cruise, where I got to wear my KTH overalls. There’s … Continue reading “Sailing Into An Unforgettable Student Adventure”

Home Is Never Far Away in Stockholm

For the first time in 1.5 years, I felt a twinge of homesickness settling in as I strolled through the picturesque streets of Stockholm. The city, with its unique charm and vibrant atmosphere, has a way of making you feel like a local even if you’re thousands of miles from home. However, my momentary longing … Continue reading “Home Is Never Far Away in Stockholm”

Why I chose Sweden: A Canadian perspective

Deciding to study abroad is a significant milestone in one’s life. As a proud Canadian who values access to nature, the excitement of city life, and a deep passion for ice hockey, Sweden emerged as the perfect choice for me. Growing up in Canada, Sweden’s influence was all around me, from the appliances I used … Continue reading “Why I chose Sweden: A Canadian perspective”

24 Hours in the Life of a KTH Student

Hello there! This will be a post about a day in my life as a KTH student, hope this gives you an idea about what to expect as a student. Beneath the Swedish sky so vast,At KTH, time seems to fly so fast.From dawn’s embrace to evening’s tune,Join my day’s dance, from morn to moon. … Continue reading “24 Hours in the Life of a KTH Student”

Happy Kanelbullens Dag!

Hej everyone! Welcome to my blog post of the week! In the world of delightful food holidays, few can rival the sheer scrumptiousness of Kanelbullens Dag, which translates to “Cinnamon Bun Day” in English. Observed annually on October 4th in Sweden, this day pays homage to one of the world’s most beloved baked goods—the cinnamon … Continue reading “Happy Kanelbullens Dag!”