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24 Hours in the Life of a KTH Student

Hello there! This will be a post about a day in my life as a KTH student, hope this gives you an idea about what to expect as a student.

Beneath the Swedish sky so vast,
At KTH, time seems to fly so fast.
From dawn’s embrace to evening’s tune,
Join my day’s dance, from morn to moon


My alarm usually goes off around 6:00 am. The mornings in Stockholm can be crisp, but the soft sunlight filtering through my window provides just the motivation I need to start my day. A quick stretch, a glance at my planner, and I’m ready to go! I usually start with a morning coffee while enjoying the pretty view from my window.

A view from the author's window, he holds a coffee cup.
The view I enjoy at my KTH accommodation

My daily lectures commence at 10 in the morning, and they take place at the Kista campus. While some of my friends reside closer to the campus, I personally cherish my living arrangements at Lappis, which is a bit further from Kista. Nevertheless, the commute is relatively hassle-free thanks to Stockholm’s excellent public transportation system.

A picture of a subway station at the moment of a subway train's arrival
A typical subway station in Stockholm

Attending lectures at KTH is always an enriching experience. The professors are experts in their fields and present topics in engaging ways. I diligently take notes, ensuring I capture all the important points discussed.
A perk of travelling to Kista is the diverse array of grocery shops it offers. Whether you’re looking for Swedish, Middle Eastern, or Asian groceries, you can find everything you need in this vibrant area. So I get the chance to buy groceries after my lecture, before heading back to my place.

A collage of two photos showing the campus of KTH Kista. It showcases spiraling staircases and modern architecture.
The Kista campus boasts contemporary and innovative architectural design


During this period, my schedule includes two-hour lectures per day – four days a week. Now, you might think, “Hey, Srikar, two hours a day sounds like a breeze!” However, it’s important to clarify that while the lectures themselves are relatively short, the majority of our learning takes place through assignments. KTH places a strong emphasis on active learning, encouraging students to engage in discussions and collaborate with their peers on assignments and projects as a means to deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

The campus offers a plethora of “group rooms” or collaborative spaces where students can convene to discuss and collaborate on their projects. My usual afternoon routine involves spending time in these rooms with my fellow student, fostering a productive and collaborative environment for our coursework.

A collage of two photos, one showing a room for students to collaborate, the other showing students working together.
A typical group room at the Kista campus

While the assignments can be quite challenging and demanding at times, they provide valuable opportunities for learning and collaboration with fellow students, enhancing our educational journey.


To decompress, I often take evening walks, relishing the serenity of the nearby parks and lakes. The way the sunlight plays on the water and the rustling of leaves is therapeutic, providing a perfect break from academia.

After a productive day, it’s time for a hearty meal and some downtime with friends. We gather in the common kitchen, each contributing to the preparation of dinner. Laughter, stories, and the tantalizing aroma of food fill the room. These moments of friendship are what make the KTH experience so special. 😍

a group of friends smiling for a photo while enjoying their dinner
Enjoying a delicious dinner with some of my friends

At the end of the day, I revisit my planner and I outline tasks for the next day. Around 11 pm, I call it a night, ready to tackle another fulfilling day at KTH.

In essence, life at KTH is a balance of rigorous academics, collaboration, self-care, and creating lasting memories with friends. Each day is a step closer to our goals, and with the right blend of diligence and relaxation, success is but a heartbeat away.

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