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Here are KTH's campuses

Here you find videos, Google map-links, and a map with the locations of KTH's five campuses in Stockholm; KTH Campus (the main campus at Valhallavägen), KTH Kista, KTH Södertälje, KTH Flemingsberg and KTH Solna.

KTH's campuses are open to everyone

KTH's five campuses are open environments for students, staff and the general public. The campus areas are designed as shared spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and cars where accessibility and pedestrian safety is prioritised. In addition to facilities for research and education with libraries and student health, there are also info centres, housing and green areas.

The public can access, for example, at the KTH Campus:

  • library
  • buildings of cultural and historical value
  • concerts with the academic orchestra
  • open lectures
  • guided tours of art, architecture and history
  • parks and outdoor spaces, including access to the Royal National Park – the world's first national urban park.

Everyone is welcome to KTH's open events in, for example, the old reactor hall and tours of laboratories. Art collections and green spaces, which include parks, beehives and outdoor gyms, are available year-round.


Map image

Screenshot from Google maps: locations of KTH's five campuses

More about KTH's five campuses 

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