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My First Christmas in Sweden!

Hello everyone and God Jul! As an international student from India, celebrating my first Christmas in Sweden was an experience filled with wonder, warmth, and new traditions. This is how I spent my time during the holiday season.

collage of two photos - The author posing in front of a Christmas tree, and a road with festive heart shaped lights
A street in Västerås on Christmas eve.

Feeling the festive spirit

December in Sweden is akin to being transported into a whimsical storybook setting. The city turns into an enchanting winter wonderland, draped in a pristine blanket of snow that glitters under the glow of countless twinkling lights. Every corner of the city sparkles like a diamond, creating a breathtaking panorama of beauty and light, turning the ordinary into something truly magical. I spent an evening just looking at these lights and admiring their beauty. It was a scene straight out of a fairy tale, captivating and serene. 🌨️✨🌃

The author standing near an installation of lights
There are twinkling lights everywhere!

The Joy of Swedish Christmas Markets

I visited a Christmas market, where the spirit of the season comes alive. Here, you can find an enchanting array of festive items – from twinkling Christmas decorations and sweet confections to artisan-crafted jewelry and hand-made mittens, each piece telling its own story of holiday magic and craftsmanship. It’s a wonderland where every turn offers something unique and delightful, ideal for finding that special something for your loved ones. 🎁✨🎄

A collage of two photos, both photos showing different stalls in a market selling Christmas decorations.
Various Christmas markets in Stockholm. (Photos: Vaibhavi Goda)

A Swedish Christmas eve

On Christmas Eve, I had the joy of celebrating with my sister and brother-in-law in Västerås, a charming town just a few hours from Stockholm. We cozied up with warm Glögg, the Nordic spiced drink that’s a staple of the season, and savored the crisp sweetness of Pepparkakor, traditional ginger biscuits. All this while enjoying a festive movie, making the evening truly magical and heartwarming. 🎄✨

A photo of a plate of cookies and milk, three wine glasses containing a drink and a TV in the background running a movie.
Glögg, Pepparkakor and a Christmas movie. Guess which movie? 👦🏻🎄🏠

Time spent with family

The holiday season in Sweden is a special time where families gather to enjoy each other’s company and engage in exciting activities. This year, I’m spending my holidays at my sister’s place, embracing this wonderful tradition. We’ve spent our days relaxing and I even ventured to try skiing for the first time! It was a thrilling (and admittedly a bit scary) experience 😂.

A person posing while skiing
Trying to pose while struggling to learn skiing 😂

I hope you’re also spending this festive season surrounded by your loved ones. Wishing you all warmth and joy! Can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you in my next post.

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  1. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, indeed!
    A very well written blog with beautiful pictures 🙂

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