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My Application Timeline: Insights from Sai’s Journey

A photo of the KTH campus
The beautiful campus of KTH

Is the thought of applying to your dream master’s programme at KTH making you feel anxious or lost? You’re not alone—those same feelings once overwhelmed me too. The application process can be daunting for prospective students, leaving you wondering if you’ve already fallen behind or if you’re in need of a reliable roadmap. If any of this sounds familiar, this blog post is just for you. Here, I’ll take you on a journey through my personal application process at KTH, offering a comprehensive timeline to bring clarity and confidence to your application adventure.

My Timeline: Sep’22 to Aug’23

September – October 2022

My journey starts in September, as I invest more than a month carefully selecting the perfect programme for my academic aspirations. This initial step is of paramount importance, so take your time in understanding the various programmes offered. The KTH Programmes page is a great resource to explore and identify the one that resonates with your interests.

a collage of two photos, first one with the author posing near a beach in India, the second has the author posing near a sea in Sweden.
October 2022 India / October 2023 Sweden

November 2022

I started gathering all the documents necessary for my application, and the first one was the letter of motivation. For an entire month, picture me hunched over my desk, surrounded by coffee cups, writing and rewriting my letter of motivation. Each word was scrutinized, like I was crafting a Shakespearean masterpiece. I drafted separate versions of the letter of motivation for each programme of choice, I’d suggest you to do the same. You can check the entry requirements to know about all the necessary documents for your application.

December 2022

At this point, I was in the process of reaching out to my professors from my Bachelor’s university, requesting a letter of recommendation. My application required two letters of recommendation. In December, applications to the KTH scholarship and the KTH India scholarship opened up and I was also working on those applications.

Once you’ve crafted a compelling letter of motivation and secured strong letters of recommendation, you’ve already crossed a significant threshold in the application process. These two elements are undeniably pivotal, as they possess the power to either elevate your application to success or potentially hinder your chances. So take your time with them.

January 2023

I submitted my application a few days before the deadline on January 15th, but I wouldn’t recommend this approach, apply early! The scholarship application deadlines also fell on the same day, so it was vital to plan my application submissions accordingly. After submitting my online application, I uploaded my supporting documents to University Admissions before the February 1 deadline.

February – March 2023

Now comes the waiting game! Time seemed to crawl slower than usual, but I finally received my admission results and hurray! I got in 😉. Please note that this year, the results are expected on March 21. During this period, patience and a positive mindset are your best allies.

A screenshot of a message saying "Congratulations on being admitted to KTH!"
Congratulations on being admitted to KTH! 😍

April to July 2023

This is the time when you start your preparation to arrive at KTH. Start looking for housing, either through the SSSB housing or by applying for KTH accommodation (if you’re eligible) in May. Housing in Stockholm can be competitive, so it’s wise to begin your search early.

Attend informative webinars and keep an eye on your email for communication regarding tuition fees, residence permit applications, and other important tasks. KTH provides valuable resources to guide you through these processes.

August 2023

Arrive at KTH! Finally the day came when I arrived at KTH. Here’s how KTH welcomed me: How KTH Welcomed Me on Arrival!

Certainly, the timeline I’ve shared here is just a brief overview, and it doesn’t need to be followed precisely. The journey to KTH is an exciting one, and the application timeline is an essential aspect of it. With careful planning and attention to deadlines, you can pave the way for a successful application and a rewarding experience at KTH. Good luck with your application, and I hope to welcome you to KTH soon!

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