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Are you Ready to Apply to KTH?

Hello everybody and welcome to this new post! This will be the first of a series of posts focusing on how to apply to KTH. The admission period is just about to open and we would like to guide you through the process step-by-step during the upcoming weeks! This is just a brief introduction to the admission process for you to get started in the best way possible.

KTH main building and street, in Autumn
I think KTH buildings give their best during Autumn, when leaves turn red.

What should you know?

Let’s start with the basics: KTH Royal Institute of Technology is Sweden’s leading technical university, ranked 73rd in the world and 22nd in Europe. It focuses on programmes in the area of science, technology and architecture and is internationally renowned for the quality of its research and facilities.

In order to apply to KTH for Master’s studies, you will be required to upload different documents based on which programme you want to apply to. KTH offers 63 Master’s programmes taught in English, and you can apply to up to four different programmes. The academic year at KTH starts at the end of August and finishes in early June. It consists of two semesters of 20 weeks each, filled with frontal lectures, labs, assignments and group projects.

The entire application process is handled by University Admissions – that’s where you’ll have to upload all your documents and certifications.

When does the application period open?

The application period opens on October 16 and closes on January 15. Be careful: you will still have time until February 1 to upload the necessary application documents (ID, transcripts, CV, etc) – by January 15 you simply have to confirm which programmes you want to apply to and rank them by preference. These deadlines apply to all Swedish universities.

If you are in your last year of Bachelor’s studies you can still apply, even if you don’t have your diploma yet (find out more on University Admissions).

View of Ostermalm during sunset, from the water
Stockholm is such an incredible city!

How can I choose what programme is best for me?

Choosing the right Master’s programme for you can be a difficult task – and we will sure talk more about it in the following weeks! I advise you to dig into KTH website and read carefully the content and courses in each Master’s programme, and then verify whether you have the necessary prerequisites. I think the programme content was the main drive that pushed me towards KTH, along with Stockholm and project-based learning!

Also, make sure not to miss KTH upcoming webinars and fairs to help you discover more about KTH and what it can offer you. Did you know that you can contact a student from the Master’s programme you are interested in and ask anything you want? You can find out more here (for most programmes, this functionality will be available from early October).

Which documents should I upload?

Every programme at KTH requires you to provide some specific documents. You can check out the specific requisites for your programme of interest by clicking on “Entry requirements” on the programme’s webpage. Additionally, every programme at KTH requires you to present the following documents:

  • Diploma(s) of your completed degree(s) – if you don’t have them yet you can still apply and upload them afterwards.
  • Transcript of completed courses with grades.
  • Proof of English proficiency – refer to University Admissions and watch out for country-specific requirements.
  • ID document.

Remember, you will have to upload the documents on University Admissions, not KTH website. Visit University Admissions’ support centre to know more.

KTH building during sunset with a violet-ish sky
Studying at KTH means enjoying the Swedish sky in all its beauty!

That was all for today. Stay tuned not to loose the many admission-related posts we will write in the future weeks! We will dive more deeply in the admission requirements, along with giving you advice and telling you our personal experiences. FAQ posts will also be present!

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Thank you very much for reading! I wish you a very nice week and encourage you to give a look at Samantha’s last post on student internships and Sai’s post on this year’s Arrival Days!

See you in the next post 😊

// Lorenzo

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  1. Hello dears/Madame . I am happy when I see this scholarship opportunity in south korea. So I want to follow masters program in your institutions in control systems.

    1. Hi! Happy to hear that you are interested in our programmes. We currently offer several scholarships ti fund studies at KTH, you can find out more here. Control systems is for sure a good major, good luck with your application!

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