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My Swedish Learning Journey: A1 Passed!

Before arriving in Sweden, I was aware that most Swedes could speak English, yet I was intimidated by the fact that everything from signboards to grocery store names and public transport information was in Swedish. As someone already fluent in three languages, the prospect of learning Swedish seemed like an intriguing and useful skill, especially … Continue reading “My Swedish Learning Journey: A1 Passed!”

Why I’m learning Swedish (and how you can too)

So, you’re moving to Sweden! How much have you thought about… Swedish? As you know, all master’s programmes at KTH are taught in English, and there’s a generally high level of English spoken by Swedes, young and old. In your day-to-day life in Stockholm, you can manage quite easily without knowing Swedish.  So, why learn … Continue reading “Why I’m learning Swedish (and how you can too)”