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Why I’m learning Swedish (and how you can too)

So, you’re moving to Sweden! How much have you thought about… Swedish? As you know, all master’s programmes at KTH are taught in English, and there’s a generally high level of English spoken by Swedes, young and old. In your day-to-day life in Stockholm, you can manage quite easily without knowing Swedish.  So, why learn … Continue reading “Why I’m learning Swedish (and how you can too)”

Useful Swedish words for your everyday life

Soon, all you newly accepted students will begin your journey to Stockholm and to KTH! But a new country also means a new language 😱 From my personal experience, I can say that I had no idea of any Swedish word when coming here. On the first evening, I didn’t had any food at home … Continue reading “Useful Swedish words for your everyday life”

My journey of learning Swedish

Some months ago, I have already shared some of my experiences in learning Swedish at SFI with you. I also described a bit of my journey that brought me to taking the course in Swedish A2 at KTH this semester. If you want to know how everything started, click here. As the semester is soon … Continue reading “My journey of learning Swedish”

Hallå! Hej! Tjena!

Before moving to Sweden, I didn’t spend much time thinking about learning Swedish. In my mind, Sweden was the most international country I’ve ever heard of, everyone was telling me that all Swedes speak English anyways. In addition, my study programme was supposed to be in English, so why thinking about learning Swedish?First things first: … Continue reading “Hallå! Hej! Tjena!”