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An Indian Student’s Perspective of the Swedish Winter

As a student hailing from the vibrant warmth of India, my first encounter with the Swedish winter was like stepping into a mesmerizing, yet challenging, wonderland. The Swedish winter is a tale of two worlds: the beauty that lies in its ethereal landscapes and the adjustments one needs to make to thrive in its chilly embrace. Here’s a list of things I noticed about winter in Sweden:

A photo of a tree amidst snow
A beautiful evening – calm and snow everywhere

1. Check the Weather Every Day!

Never did I imagine the importance of checking the daily weather forecast until I arrived in Sweden. Unlike India, where sunlight often dictates the day’s conditions, here, your attire is entirely reliant on the forecast. The Swedish weather can be a surprise package, so staying updated becomes essential ✅.

2. Layering!

Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder” – a phrase often heard in Sweden. It translates to “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes”. Dressing appropriately is the secret to staying warm, regardless of how frosty it gets. The art of layering isn’t just about staying cozy; it’s about staying comfortable and enjoying the outdoors.

A photo of an open auditorium covered with snow
My first experience with snowfall – I played in the snow, like a kid, for hours!

3. Accessories

It’s not just about the clothing layers; accessories like boots 🥾, gloves🧤, and a snug cap are non-negotiables when stepping out during winter. Running quick errands in India required minimal thought about dressing up, I could step out in a flash with whatever I was wearing, here, these accessories are as vital as your layers to tackle the chill.

4. Mindset

Shifting my mindset was pivotal. Contrary to my initial perceptions, the Swedish winter isn’t as daunting as I anticipated. The cold ceases to be an issue when you’re properly dressed. Interestingly, while Indian homes lack heating systems, the warmth in Swedish homes during winter transforms the experience altogether. Ironically, during the winter season, the indoors tend to be chillier in India than in Sweden! 😂

However, the one thing I do miss dearly is the sunlight. The early darkness takes some getting used to, but the shimmering festive lights adorning Stockholm’s streets and shops create a magical ambiance post-sunset, adding a unique charm to the wintry evenings.

A subway station entrance decorated with a lot of lights
An entrance to a subway station – lit up ✨

So, with a daily weather check, the right attire and accessories, and a positive mindset, embracing the enchanting Swedish winter becomes a joy. Surprisingly, coming from a tropical country, the cold becomes manageable. Having endured scorching 45°C+ temperatures in India’s summer, facing Sweden’s -10°C winters seems oddly easier!

A street in Stockholm decorated with lights
It’s beautiful during the dark too!

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