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THS Armada is here!

Hej everyone! Welcome to this post. In the bustling academic landscape of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, a pivotal event has been shaping the destinies of students and employers for quite some time—the THS Armada. What started as a humble gathering in 1981 has blossomed into the largest student-driven project at KTH, culminating in the grandeur of the largest career fair in Scandinavia. In this post I’ll tell you about the history of Armada, the features of this year’s fair, and my experience as a host in Armada.

two girls posing
KTH Instagrammer, Sara and I at the Armada fair in the library

The Evolution of THS Armada

In the early ’80s, the realization dawned that students and their prospective employers needed a dedicated space to connect. And thus, the inaugural Armada Fair was organized, laying the foundation for a legacy that would span generations. Fast forward 39 years, and THS Armada stands as a testament to the power of student initiatives in shaping the future of engineering professionals.

The Magnitude of THS Armada

Each year, more than 12,000 of Sweden’s brightest engineering minds converge at KTH’s campus in Stockholm for the two-day extravaganza that is THS Armada. The fair serves as a bridge between academia and industry, with over 100 companies from around the globe participating, eager to engage with the next generation of talent.

A New Dimension: Themed Rooms

One of the noteworthy aspects of this year’s Armada was the strategic division of companies into three distinct rooms: Sustainability, Diversity, and Transition—a room dedicated to companies excelling in both. This approach not only streamlined the fair but also emphasized the evolving priorities and values within the professional landscape.

company booths in the sustainability room
The Armada Sustainability Room

Being Part of Armada

This year, I had the privilege of being part of Armada in a unique capacity—as a graphic design host. The opportunity not only allowed me to contribute my skills but also introduced me to an exceptional team of individuals. The camaraderie among us, as we worked together to pull off an incredible fair, was truly inspiring.

Joining Armada was a personal choice driven by the desire to expand my social circle and find a sense of belonging within the KTH community. Little did I know that the experience would surpass my expectations. Engaging with like-minded individuals, both within my team and with the diverse array of companies, enriched my understanding of the professional world and forged lasting connections.

Being part of Armada comes with its share of perks. From team-building exercises that strengthened our bonds to the coveted banquet invitation, and the exhilarating Armada cruise, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. It wasn’t just about building a fair; it was about creating memories and forging connections that extend beyond the confines of the KTH campus.

tables at the grand banquet
The Armada banquet!

My journey as a graphic design host at THS Armada was not merely about creating visually appealing designs; it was about contributing to an event that has become a cornerstone of KTH’s legacy. Armada is more than a career fair; it’s a platform where aspirations converge, connections are made, and the future is shaped. With an 11/10 experience rating, I can confidently say that THS Armada is not just an event; it’s an invaluable chapter in the narrative of success for KTH students and the companies fortunate enough to engage with them.

As I write this post, it is heavily snowing here in Stockholm which means winter is upon us! Check our Lorenzo’s post on The Endless Possibilities of Swedish Winter. See you next week!