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Maybe you know them already from their blue overalls – THS MAIN is one of the three organisations under the umbrella of THS International. Recently, the organisation has elected their new president Carolin who will be responsible during the academic year 2021/2022. Carolin is from Germany and will start into her second year of the … Continue reading “Meet THS MAIN”

Experiences during my thesis project – Part 1

After a busy two weeks of fast-tracking my thesis project, I am back to blogging about our life here in KTH. Master’s degree project or loosely termed as thesis project is the final part of the master degree where we work on research topics aligning with our master programme. In today’s blog post, I write … Continue reading “Experiences during my thesis project – Part 1”

The Swedish personal identity number

Do you know this problem? You want to sign up for different memberships or subscriptions and everywhere you get a different membership number, card or when being online you need to set a separate password for each account 🤯 In my opinion, Sweden has a great solution for this! The personal identity number! 💪 How … Continue reading “The Swedish personal identity number”

Meet KTH Students for Sustainability

Did you know that an important pillar at KTH is Sustainability? 🌱 KTH is contributing to sustainable development by providing educational programmes, conducting research and much more. We also have a student organisation called “KTH Students for Sustainability” and I have talked to Vartan, who is currently the president of the organisation about their mission … Continue reading “Meet KTH Students for Sustainability”

Conquering the insurance jungle

Are you already excited about your journey to Sweden? 🤩 If you have been admitted for KTH starting in Autumn 2021, you’re probably already out and about organizing moving to Stockholm. An important topic that you shouldn’t forget about is insurances. It can be a very boring topic, however, in case something happens to you … Continue reading “Conquering the insurance jungle”