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A Night with the Royal Blues: Victory at Home

Hej everyone! Did you know that KTH has its very own hockey team, the Royal Blues? As KTH’s resident certified hockey lover, I had to check the team out myself. The KTH Royal Blues played their last home game at Östermalms IP, a venue conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from the KTH campus. The game against EHVS Växjö drew a packed crowd of 213 students, a sold-out event. This turnout underscores the strong support the team enjoys from the student body, showcasing the close-knit community at KTH.

Hockey for all indeed! These tickets made for a great souvenir 🙂

The atmosphere at the game was vibrant and full of energy, with students actively participating in unique cheers and showing their support for the KTH team. The engagement of the crowd added a significant boost to the home advantage, making the event memorable for both players and spectators.

In an exciting display of skill and teamwork, the Royal Blues dominated the game, securing a 5-1 win against their opponents. The scoring was particularly aggressive in the second period, with three goals that set the tone for the rest of the match. Two more goals in the last period solidified the team’s victory, highlighting their offensive capabilities and strategic play.

Adding to the traditional hockey game experience, the event also featured a 50/50 lottery draw, a popular activity that further engaged the audience and enriched the overall game-day experience.

The victory was not only a testament to the Royal Blues’ prowess on the ice but also an excellent example of the vibrant student life and sports culture at KTH. The enthusiastic participation of the students, the traditions observed, and the sheer excitement of the game made it a highly recommended experience for anyone interested in college sports or looking to immerse themselves in the university’s community spirit.

As the season wraps up, this game stands out as a highlight, promising great potential for the Royal Blues in future games- with the hopes of bringing home the Swedish University Hockey League trophy at the end of the season. It serves as a call to action for students and sports enthusiasts alike to support their teams and enjoy the unique atmosphere that college sports events offer.

If you’re curious to know more about KTH hockey, check out this article- an interview with the team’s media manager here.

Have a great week everyone!!


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