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Credit-bearing courses in Swedish

Our credit-bearing courses in Swedish help international students to quickly achieve a high level of Swedish. The courses are designed to meet the needs of international engineering students and include themes and vocabulary relevant to this group.

The courses “Swedish for Engineers” are offered at A1-B2/C1 levels. All courses give 7.5 ECTS and run for an entire semester. The courses are also offered as intensive courses in June and August. Incoming students therefore have the opportunity to take a course in Swedish before the start of the academic year.


Classes during the fall and spring semesters are held once a week in small groups on KTH campus. The study pace is high, and students are required to do a great deal of independent work between lessons.

Swedish A1 is also offered as an online course (LS140N) during spring and fall semesters. It is a self-study course and is graded through written and oral assignments.


All international students at KTH are eligible to apply for a credit-bearing course in Swedish. We do not accept external students. Doctoral students and KTH employees are referred to our Swedish courses for employees.

The courses build on each other and must be taken in the correct order. Students who have previous knowledge of Swedish must take our placement test to determine their level before applying for a course. 


You have to apply for the Swedish courses in the spring semester (including the intensive courses in June) through this online application form  between November 1st-15th

FAQ for Swedish

FAQ for Swedish

Contact for questions

If you have questions or comments, please contact the teacher responsible for the subject: