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Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about our Swedish courses.

Who can take a credit-bearing Swedish course?

Our credit-bearing Swedish courses are for international exchange and master’s students at KTH. The levels of the courses are defined according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

If you are an exchange student or a master’s student with the opportunity to take a credit-bearing course, this is what we recommend you to do. However, not all master’s students can take credit-bearing language courses as part of their KTH studies. For these students, we offer three non-credit courses: Introductory course: Swedish language and culture , Swedish for advanced beginners , and Professional Swedish . All three courses are fee-free, but the last two courses are for fee-paying master’s students only.

How to apply

The application for our credit-bearing courses is done through an online form during the following periods: May 1st - 15th, for courses in the autumn semester, including the intensive courses in August. And November 1st - 15th for the courses in the spring semester, including the intensive courses in June. Afterward, your international or master’s coordinator at KTH will handle your admission to the selected Swedish courses.

Places are limited in all courses, so make sure to submit an application during the periods mentioned above. We do not accept late applications for the intensive Swedish courses in August. Late applications for courses in other periods will only be considered if vacancies remain.

Please note: you cannot participate in a Swedish course without being admitted to it, i.e., KTH language courses may not be audited. The examination is continuous through assignments online and in class, so it is not possible to attend the lessons if you do not intend to take the credits (7.5 credits per course).

Choosing the right level

If you have previous knowledge of the language when you commence your studies at KTH, you must take our placement test  before applying for a course. The score of the placement test will determine the right level for you to start at.

This test is only intended for students who have not studied Swedish with us earlier, and it cannot be used to “skip” a level once you have started with our language program. You must pass each course level before you can continue with the next one, progressing in the following order: A1, A2, B1, B1/B2 and B2 (currently offered only as an intensive course in June). It is not possible to take two courses simultaneously.

You can read more about our Swedish courses here .

How to register

After your coordinator has admitted you to the course, you must register online for it through the function Ladok for students, under Services, in your KTH personal menu. To access this menu, you need to have an activated KTH account.

We will send you information about the registration period before the course starts.


The pace of the Swedish courses is fast and attendance is mandatory. Please send a message to​​​​​ if you need to be absent during the first lesson; or if you would like to change the day that you have chosen to attend the course.

If the classroom-based Swedish A1 course conflicts with your schedule, you are welcome to join our online course LS140N instead. Please note that you may not take both courses.


You can search for a course schedule here , by writing the code of the course (for example, LS1502 for Swedish A1).

Withdrawing from a course

Around the course start, if you have not registered for the course, it is possible to cancel your participation through Ladok for students or with help from your KTH coordinator. If you would like to drop a Swedish course after you have registered to it online, please report your withdrawal through Ladok for students within three weeks after the course start and by simultaneously sending a message to Should you need to drop the course at a later stage, please contact us by email at