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Compulsory placement test

An online placement test is required for all applicants who have previous knowledge of Swedish, German, French, Spanish or Italian. Japanese and Chinese are assessed locally.

All applicants with formal knowledge of the language must take a compulsory placement test. The test result not only determines the course placement, but also provides the student and teacher with guidance about the actual level of the student’s knowledge of the language at course start. If you have taken a course with us at the level below the one you are applying for, with a satisfactory grade, you do not need to take the test.

Students with previous knowledge of Japanese and Chinese, gained outside of KTH, are asked to contact

The placement test, which can take up to two hours, must always be taken well before course start before you apply for your course. The test is supplied by the company Eurotest and uses a combination of self-evaluation and multiple choice questions. It is evaluated automatically. You will be notified of the test result by e-mail. 

Link to the tests in European languages