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Application information for degree programme students at KTH

Swedish-speaking program students at KTH apply to Language and Communication's credit-giving courses during the application periods via If you have problems or are late with your application, you will be assisted by your student counselor.

Courses and activities

Foto: Amir Rezai

For degree programme students

As a degree programme student at KTH you can read credit-giving courses in different languages, rhetoric in Swedish or English and global competencies.

Application periods

  • May 1-15 for autumn courses
  • November 1-15 for spring courses

Before applying

Placement test

Remember to write the compulsory placement test  before registration if you want to go for a course with pre-requisite requirements and you have not passed the previous course. If you have attended a course earlier, we would like to go to the next level without doing the placement test.

How to apply


You apply during the application periods (see above).

Application for courses in Swedish as a foreign language is via your study counselor .

Application for other credit-giving courses (eg different languages, rhetoric, certificate in global skills) must be done in accordance with the same process via as for your other optional courses. Further information on how to do this is on the Studentweb - Application for courses in programs (AKP) . If you have questions, you can also contact your study counselor .

Late application?

When registering later, you must first check:


Admission notice is sent out as soon as possible by email to all candidates accepted before the course starts.

At course start

If you are not present at the start of the course without previous notification, you may lose your place if the course is fully subscribed. Courses with too few participants just before or at the start of the course can be set together with another course during the same period or the number of lessons may be reduced. The number of participants in the courses is limited.


If you encounter problems with your application via or if you missed the application deadline, contact your study counselor  for assistance.

For other questions, contact .