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Language cafés at KTH

KTH offers different language cafes through Language and Communication, both in different languages ​​(Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, German, French and English) for students.

Language cafés for students

Our language caféis a meeting place for anyone interested in language and culture, and gives you the opportunity to keep your language skills in an informal and relaxed environment. The languages we offer are Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, German, French and English.

What is KTH's language café?

KTH's language café is the place where you improve your language skills in a relaxed atmosphere. It gives you an opportunity to get to know others with the same interest in language and culture. The language café is not a regular language course; There are no teachers and no regulations, only infomal conversations. The language café will be what the participants make it to be. Basic knowledge of the target language is of course necessary.

Language café for different languages  (available in Swedish)