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Learn a language at KTH

Language and Communication offers courses and language training for KTH students and employees as well as working professionals. We also offer language cafés and Tandem partners in connection with KTH's language partner programme.

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Chances to practice

KTH offers language cafés in Swedish and other languages for students and employees.
Visit a language cafe at KTH

Through Tandem, you who work or study at KTH can meet someone who has your chosen language as their mother tongue and improve your skills by discussing a little bit of anything and everything with them.
Tandem – language partner program at KTH

How it works

Programme student at KTH

  1. Take a placement test  in order to choose the right level.
  2. Register for the credit-giving courses during the registration periods via If you have problems or are late with your registration, your study advisor can help you. Read more about registration for programme students

Language Cafes and Tandem Partner are activities where you can develop your skills in conversation with other students. 

Everything for programme students

International student at KTH

Are you a fee-paying international student or scholarship holder at master's level or a student through Erasmus Mundus, EIT, or SAP? If you are studying at KTH for the first time during the autumn semester, you are welcome to study four free, non-credit-bearing courses.

Master's studies at KTH are in English. International master's students who want to learn Swedish can take a package consisting of three courses.

We also have a virtual exchange for students from our partner universities in Unite! These courses can be taken remotely. For more information, contact your Unite coordinator at your home university. All courses within Unite!

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Many of the independent credit-giving courses are open to everyone who lives in Sweden. Find a standalone course (Swe)

We also tailor commissioned training for companies. Perhaps your entire department needs to improve its engineering English or learn German in order to effectively communicate with an important partner. We can help you with this.

More about further studies (Swedish)

KTH PhD Student

Talk to your supervisor or immediate manager if you want to take a language course. The Swedish courses for employees fall under commissioned training, which means that the course fee is paid by the department you are employed at.

It is also possible for staff to apply for regular, credit-bearing student courses in language and communication through the employer paying for a so-called assignment seat. 

Everything for doctoral students at KTH

KTH manager

If you hold a management position at KTH, feel free to contact us for customised teaching that suits your group. Please e-mail  to explore possibilities. 

KTH staff

KTH's language courses are open to employees, but programme students have priority. Language Cafes and Tandem Partner are activities where you can develop your skills in conversation with others.

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