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Tandem - language partner program at KTH

Improve language skills, prepare for your foreign studies or take the opportunity to get to know someone from another country to broaden your views. The Tandem Language Partner Program is an initiative from KTH Language and Communication addressed to all students and employees at KTH. Through Tandem, you can meet someone who has your chosen language as a native language, thereby improving your foreign language skills and exchanging information about studies, work or interests.

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Introduction to language tandem exchange

What is language tandem?

  • Learn the language of your partner.
  • Learn about each other's countries and culture.
  • Exchange information about interests, studies or work.

What are the benefits of language tandem?

  • Genuine conversations with a native speaker
  • Independent learning at self-pace
  • Mutual support
  • Potential for new friendship

How does it work?

  • Two people with different mother tongues meet to learn the opposite's mother tongue.
  • Language dominance in the conversation is shared: one half of the conversation is held in one language, the other half of the other language.
  • Read practical and methodical information in the link below: 

Language tandem - this is how it works

How do I find a tandem partner?

In this forum, you may either:

  • Upload your own tandem profile or
  • Browse other students / employees looking for a tandem partner.

Everyone who is interested must be a registered student or an employee at KTH.

Read here about frequently asked question regarding tandem registration


The Tandem Project is an initiative from Language and Communication at KTH. For questions, please e-mail: