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Doctoral students

Here you find all the language and communication courses for doctoral students at KTH.

How it works

  • If you want to take credit-bearing courses, please talk to your supervisor. The courses must be included in your individual study plan and there is a fee that your employer pays. Course catalogue and application form for employees, autumn 2022
  • Non-credit courses, for example Swedish for employees, carry a fee that your employer pays. Talk to your immediate supervisor.
  • Language Cafe and Tandem partner are free of charge and, therefore, free to sign up for.
  • If you are interested in a workshop, please contact your immediate manager to ensure that your department can cover the workshop fee.

Course catalogue for doctoral students 

Communicate in English

KTH Language and Communication offers a range of courses in English. These courses will boost your confidence, show you how to avoid errors, and help you to write and speak English more effectively in academic and professional situations. Simply put: our aim is to help you improve your English.

Courses in communication for doctoral students and researchers at KTH

KTH Language and Communication offers three communication-focused doctoral courses, and one presentation skills course for researchers. Doctoral students and researchers at KTH have priority, but applicants from other universities are welcome, provided there is room. You apply directly to KTH Language and Communication via the links on each course page below.

FDS3102 Writing Scientific Articles, 5 ECTS

This course aims to develop doctoral students' proficiency in writing up science in English. This page presents basic course information, schedule and information on how to apply.

FLS3104 Visualize your Science 4,0 ECTS

Gain an understanding of basic principles of graphic design for science communication, and develop your ability to communicate visually with quality graphics for presentations and posters.

FLS3105 Presentation Skills for Researchers, 2 ECTS

The ability to present your research to various target groups, both within and outside the academia, is an essential skill for all researchers. This course provides KTH researchers and doctoral students with essential tools for creating effective, clear, and audience-adapted presentations.

FLS3107 Communicating Research Beyond the Academy, 5 ECTS

Learn how to speak and write so that the non-expert both understands and wants to learn more. Mastering these communication skills is key to a successful research career.

Language cafes in Swedish for employees

If you are employed at KTH and already know a fair amount of Swedish, you can improve your language proficiency by going to one of the language cafés offered on the main KTH Campus and in Kista. The cafés are for employees who understand most of what they hear and read but need more opportunities to speak Swedish. You should be able to handle basic conversations without any problems, but want to practice speaking about more complex subjects.


Att gå till ett språkcafé är ett avslappnat men effektivt sätt att underhålla och förbättra din tal- och lyssningsförmåga. Det är också ett tillfälle att träffa människor från hela världen och lära sig mer om deras länder och kulturer. KTH:s språkcaféer i olika språk erbjuds från och med vecka 5 till vecka 18 på KTH biblioteket.

Tandem - language partner program at KTH

Improve language skills, prepare for your foreign studies or take the opportunity to get to know someone from another country to broaden your views. The Tandem Language Partner Program is an initiative from KTH Language and Communication addressed to all students and employees at KTH. Through Tandem, you can meet someone who has your chosen language as a native language, thereby improving your foreign language skills and exchanging information about studies, work or interests.