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FDS3102 Writing Scientific Articles, 5 ECTS

This course aims to develop doctoral students' proficiency in writing up science in English. This page presents basic course information, schedule and information on how to apply.

Apply now for FDS3102 Writing Scientific Articles, autumn 2024

Course information

Next course start: September 2024. The application form opens again 5 August.

The course focuses on clear, correct and reader-friendly writing. The sessions include analysis of typical research articles from the participants’ own fields and peer reviews of drafts.

Students need to have reached a point at which they have results and are able to work on a research paper during the course. The course is therefore not suitable for first-year doctoral students. The course examination consists of short assignments and a final individual tutorial with the teacher, in which the full article and the writing process is discussed. The tutorial can take place any time after the final seminar (no deadline), and credits are awarded when this has been completed.

Please apply using the forms further down on this page. Make sure the course is in your eISP. We will then handle the admission and registration procedure.

Course syllabus ('kursplan') 

FDS3102 Writing Scientific Articles

Schedule 2024

The course starts in Wk. 37 and comprises 8 on-campus sessions, four in P1 and four in P2 (see the KTH Schedule for details), on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-12.

Participants belong to either Tuesdays or Thursdays. We have a 75% attendance requirement, but it is possible to make up for missed sessions occasionally on the other day of the week.

Are you taking FLH3000 as well?

Please note that the classes may clash with FLH3000, Basic Communication and Teaching. If you plan to take both courses, make sure that you take the classes on two different days.


Make a late application here (open from 5 August) .

You will be notified that we have received your application, and a first welcome letter will be sent out after the closing date. If the course is not full, it will be possible to make a late application in August.

Before you start filling in the form: please make sure you have the correct invoice reference to your supervisor.

Course fee

SEK 9,900

You might be eligible for the Karl Engver’s grant, which can cover course fees for both this course and others. Read more and apply for the grant here.  Please note: the course fee must still be paid by your department at the start of the course, since the grant is transferred after the course.

Cancellation charges

If you wish to withdraw your application, the following charges apply:

  • 3–4 weeks before the course: 25% of the fee
  • 2–3 weeks before the course: 50% of the fee
  • less than 2 weeks before the course: 100% of the fee. 

FDS3103 Introduction to Scientific Writing

Registration for course FDS3103 Introduction to Scientific Writing, is limited to doctoral students at the EECS school. Eligible students will be contacted by the EECS administration with information about the course schedule and how to apply. The course normally runs in periods 2 and 4.