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International students

KTH Language and Communication teaches modern languages, communication, rhetoric, intercultural skills and academic writing. We offer you, as an international master’s or exchange student, courses in Swedish as a foreign language and also the opportunity to improve your English in both speech and writing during your study period at KTH.


We offer both credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing courses in Swedish at several levels. The credit-bearing courses are open to all international students. For fee-paying master’s students, we also offer a package of non-credit courses, free of charge.

Credit-bearing courses in Swedish

We give the courses "Swedish for Engineers" (7.5 ECTS) at the levels A1, A2, B1 and B1/B2. During the spring and autumn semesters, the courses are offered during two periods (25%) with one session per week. Swedish A1 and A2 are also offered in a faster pace (50%) with two sessions per week during one period. We also give Swedish A1 as a distance course (LS140N), based on self-studies and online sessions. In August, before the start of the academic year, students also have the opportunity to take Swedish A1 as an intensive course. For more information about our courses, please visit the page Credit-bearing courses in Swedish

Application for credit-bearing courses in Swedish

Exchange students

As an exchange student, you apply for Swedish courses in the system MobilityOnline in the same way as you apply for your regular courses. Enter the application code for the level and weekday of your choice. You will then be admitted to the course by your coordinator.

Double degree and dual master students

To apply for a Swedish course, double degree and dual master students follow the instructions given by their international coordinator. 

Other master students

Other master students apply for Swedish language courses at  at the same time period as for other courses.

Remember that Swedish language courses you apply to this way are credit-bearing and will count towards your allotted 120 credits within the programme.

Choosing the right level

Students with previous knowledge in Swedish wishing to apply for a higher level than A1 must take our placement test before applying. Link to the placement test:  

Non-credit-bearing courses in Swedish

For international fee-paying master’s students, who due to credit limitations cannot take credit-bearing courses in Swedish, we offer an introductory course in the Swedish language and culture every fall semester. The course is free of charge and does not give academic credits. It is given as a combination of lectures and self-study materials and after completing the course, fee-paying students can choose to continue learning Swedish for two more semesters.

Other international students are welcome to apply for the introductory course and will be accepted subject to availability of places, but are not eligible for the two following courses.

You enroll for the introductory course through a web form after arriving in Sweden, in the beginning of the Autumn semester. To read more and apply for our non-credit courses in Swedish, please visit the page Non-credit-bearing courses in Swedish


Our English language courses focus on specific skills, such as technical communication, scientific writing, and clear and engaging speech.

The courses in the autumn and spring semesters are credit bearing. Classes are held once a week in small groups on KTH campus. We also have one online course in English for academic studies.

At the beginning of August each year, we have a non-credit-bearing course in English for academic purposes. For more details, please visit the page Pre-sessional course.

Intercultural skills

International students are also welcome to take our courses in Global Competence. Please read more here:

Other languages

Language and Communication also offers courses in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The teaching is skill-oriented and focuses on professional life in the technical sector. We emphasize skills needed at a workplace and most of our courses are taught through blended learning (online sessions as well as on-campus meetings) and include individual and group work. Several of the courses include meetings and collaborations with students at other technical universities as well as (virtual) study visits or lectures.

Please note that Swedish is the language of instruction for the A1 and A2 courses. To read more about language courses at KTH, please go to: Learn a language at KTH | KTH