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Choice of course/prerequisites

Language and Communication offers language courses at beginner's level (A1) as well as at several continuing levels. Since each individual student should participate in the course that best suits his/her own previous knowledge, it is important to try to choose the right course from the beginning. If you have previous knowledge in the language, you may not, for example, choose a course at the A1 level. The prerequisites are described under "Eligibility" for each course description.

Please note that for courses in German, French, and Spanish on beginners’ and advanced beginners’ levels as well as all course levels of Japanese and Chinese you need a good command of Swedish.

A1 courses are intended for students without formal knowledge in the subject who do not fulfil the formal prerequisites for a continuing course.

Continuing courses (A2, B1, and B2) are intended for students who fulfil the formal prerequisites or who have completed the level below with a passing grade. Applicants to these courses must take a compulsory placement test .

The formal prerequisites follow the Swedish secondary school foreign language classification: A pass in English A-C, other foreign languages C-language/steps 1-2 or B-language/steps 3-5. Equivalent knowledge can be gained from the home through a parent or by a lengthy stay in the particular country.