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Language and communication for degree programme students at KTH

For KTH's Swedish-speaking degree programme students, Language and Communication offers courses at different levels in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, as well as in rhetoric, communication and global competence. Many courses are given in the evening, and one as a distance course.

Offer for degree programme students at KTH 

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Prerequisite requirement

Language and Communication provide language courses at both basic level and a number of advanced levels. Since the aim is for each individual engineering student to participate in a course that best suits their own prerequisites, it is important to try to choose the right course level from the beginning. If you have previous knowledge of the language, do not choose a course at the first level. The prerequisite requirement is given under "Eligibility" in the syllabus for each course description in the Course and Program directory on the Studentweb.

Choice of course/prerequisites

Compulsory placement test

Are you going abroad for exchange studies?

Should you plan to study abroad, it is important to start your language studies in good time. You apply yourself via, where the courses are visible during the admission period. If you have missed the deadline you can also be admitted late directly by . Contact us if you have any questions.

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