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French at KTH

Language skills and global skills are an asset in many professions and a prerequisite for working successfully in our globalised society. French is one of the EU's working languages and is spoken on all continents, not least in Africa, a continent showing very strong growth and development potential.

Why learn French?

There are 274 million French-speaking people around the world, with 84 countries included in the OIF (International Orgnisation of Francophonie). French is the fifth most spoken language in the world and one of the EU's three working languages. Several major French companies are well established in Europe and offer interesting job opportunities. More than half of the French-speaking people in the world live and work in Africa, a fact that offers opportunities for new, valuable collaborative projects. For these reasons, our French courses are internationally oriented, which faciliates professional exchange, student mobility, and project opportunities in French-speaking developing countries.

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Exchange opportunities

KTH has many long-standing exchange agreements with leading French technical universities in countries like France, Switzerland and Canada.

Exchange studies at KTH

Practice your French: Language café and tandem

As a complement to the courses in French for engineers, students at KTH can practice the language outside the classroom by attending the language café  or finding a language tandem partner .


If you have questions or comments, please see our FAQ for French  or contact the teacher responsible: