Doctoral courses in communication at KTH

KTH Language and Communication offers three communication-focused doctoral courses. Doctoral students at KTH have priority, but doctoral students from elsewhere are welcome, provided there is room. Students apply directly to KTH Language and Communication via the links on each course page (follow the links below).

Writing Scientific Articles, FDS3102

This course provides students with the skills needed to write articles in correct and precise scientific English.

Read more and apply: Writing Scientific Articles

Visualize your Science, FLS3104

This course aims to develop students’ competence in visual communication, with a focus on images and illustrations for scientific posters and presentations.

Read more and apply: Visualize your Science

Communicating Research beyond the Academy, FLS3107

This course aims to develop students’ skills in communicating their research clearly and enthuastically to various target groups.

Read more and apply: Communicating Research beyond the Academy


For more information about our doctoral student courses, contact: