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Compulsory placement test

No more than 2 hours (uninterrupted) may be be used for this test.

All applicants with formal knowledge of the language must take a compulsory placement test. The test result not only determines the course placement, but also provides the student and teacher with guidance about the actual level of the student’s knowledge of the language at course start. If you have taken a course with us at the level below the one you are applying for, with a satisfactory grade, you do not need to take the test.

Students with previous knowledge of Japanese and Chinese, gained outside of KTH, are asked to contact us for a paper copy of the test.

The placement test, which usually takes almost two hours, must always be taken well before course start before you apply for your course. You will be notified of the test result by e-mail. If you haven’t had an answer within two weeks, contact our administration. It is necessary to have a modern computer, fast modem/connection and updated web browser. The test does currently not work with Chrome on an Apple computer. Anonymous tests and tests without a personal number (at least your birth-date) will not be corrected.


If you experience technical difficulties, please contact Thomas Lind
For other questions please contact Björn Kjellgren

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