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Swedish studies at KTH

Language and Communication at KTH is responsible for teaching Swedish for academic purposes as a foreign language to students at KTH who are in Sweden on long- or short-term exchange programmes and who need knowledge of Swedish in order to attend KTH courses that are taught in Swedish. The courses have limited participation and are intended primarily for exchange students.

Courses in Swedish

Online course for all students at KTH

The online course LS140N Swedish A1 for Engineers has no limited participation and is open to all foreign students at KTH who are interested in learning the basics of Swedish.

Courses in Swedish for exchange students

The Swedish courses for academic purposes help visiting exchange students to obtain adequate language proficiency in the short time that is available to them. The pace is therefore fast, and good results depend to a large extent on the students' individual efforts. 

The Swedish language courses are also open to students on the international Master’s programmes, provided that there are vacancies. 

Summer courses

Swedish courses are also offered as intensive courses during the summer. Please check the timetable for detailed information.

Important information

The first session is mandatory

You must make sure to be present at the first session of the Swedish course that you have been admitted to or you lose your place on the course. For details about course levels, times and starting dates, see the timetable for each course.

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