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KTH Accommodation – Malvinas väg

Hello all, it’s Raygo here again! As Martyna introduced her accommodation at Lappis last time, this time it’s my turn to talk about my place at another KTH Accommodation option for students: Malvinas väg!

Malvinas väg, the KTH accommodation option situated on the campus


Malvinas väg is conveniently located within the KTH main campus. It is situated next to Q-Building (The integrated teaching building) and is a 5-minutes walk from main facilities such as the main library and KTH Entré (The reception and administrative building). Thus, it is convenient for new first-year students to get used to campus life by living here. I am also pleased by its location as I usually have classes at the Architecture Building, which makes it easy for me to arrange a more flexible schedule.


My own kitchen in the flat

Each flat in Malvinas väg is furnished with a private kitchen and bathroom, also known as a “studio apartment.” The apartment size and monthly rent depend on the accommodation type (single studio or larger single studio, which are suitable for single and double tenants, respectively). To me, Malvinas väg offers an ideal set-up as I cook daily and enjoy having my bathroom, so it fits my needs while providing a cozy and modern living environment.

Other facilities

The laundry room on the ground floor of Block 18

The laundry room is located on the ground floor of Malvinas väg Block 18, where we can book our desired laundry sessions with the app. There are sufficient washing and drying machines which operate daily from 6 am to 10 pm. Apart from that, the mail room is located on the ground floor of Block 16, plus the recycling room and bike parking area inside the building for the tenants.

My comments

My friends visited me for dinner and games

Overall, I enjoy living in Malvinas väg because of its central location on the campus and the private living space it provides, as all you need are inside the apartment. However, I wish there was a common area for people to gather on each floor. Still, regardless of that, I often invite my friends to visit me at my place for dinner and games, and the comfortable living environment serves well for that purpose!

So that is it for today! Stay tuned for more information about the accommodation at KTH and in Stockholm, and I wish you all a lovely weekend ahead!


2 thoughts on “KTH Accommodation – Malvinas väg”

  1. I have a question like how much is the accommodation at the campus

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you for your question and the prices of accommodation at KTH differ and depend on where you live at. For instance, I have to pay 6500 SEK per month for my apartment at Malvinas väg. For more information, you may find it at the KTH Accommodation website:

      I hope it helps!


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