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My daily cooking diary at Malvinas Väg

Hi guys! Today, I would like to share a practical and almost daily routine for every KTH student living in student accommodation: cooking! It may depend on each individual, but cooking is undoubtedly a relaxing activity to relieve my stress from the busy schoolwork. On the other hand, it is so satisfying when you are happy with the food you have made for yourself and your friends! Follow me to see how I usually prepare my dinner, from buying ingredients to having the meals on the plate!

The lovely and well-equipped kitchen at my accommodation in Malvinas Väg

As I live in a student studio apartment in Malvinas Väg, I have my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen included. It is a good idea to utilize the kitchen and get the most value out of it! Before I head off for grocery shopping to get ingredients and food to cook, I would always check my kitchen and the fridge to see if I have all the required cooking utensils ready and any food that has not expired yet. In that case, I would only buy the necessary items to avoid waste.

One of the grocery stores I usually go to is within a five-minute walk from my flat, so it is convenient to reach and get what you need. My tip is to go to some more shops to compare prices as different stores have promotions and discounts from time to time, and checking out more of them will not cause harm, but it helps you save a lot! My other advice is always to bring your own bag (BYOB), as shopping bags are usually charged separately here in Sweden to reduce plastic consumption. Meanwhile, having your bag means contributing to our earth by minimizing the carbon footprint and help attaining environmental sustainability.

Doing grocery shopping with my friend

After completing the shopping and everything is ready, it is time for cooking! Sometimes I would invite a friend to be my guest in my flat, as some of them are gifted chefs, and they enjoy cooking as much as I do. They are not only someone to share receipts and techniques for making different dishes with, but more importantly, a great bunch of people to gather around and enjoy the food and the time.

My “Master Chef” friend is showcasing his skills

That is it for today! Next time, I will reveal some of my favourite and secret recipes, so stay tuned!