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Stockholm – second-hand heaven!

Hey, guys! You all probably wondering how to live happily as a student in Sweden without going bankrupt by the end of the month. At the same time, you would like to dress nicely and buy some cheap things such as clothes, furniture or anything else that comes to your mind. No worries! Thank god these days it is trendy to wear second-hand clothes, buy second-hand furniture!

Personally, I love thrift-shopping anywhere from second-hand shops in Stockholm to just scrolling on second-hand markets on Facebook. Little secret- all my room is furnished with second hand items and I love them!

It all comes to how much time and effort you are willing to put to get second-hand things! If you are like me, who is willing to travel somewhere far away from your home just to get nice modernistic chairs, then Stockholm is perfect for you!

Second-hand shops

A lovely weekend morning can be spent walking around the second-hand shops! I usually don’t buy things. Strolling around second-hand shops is like an activity for my eyes. Usually it is super hard to find something nice, especially if you don’t have a particular item on your mind that you are looking for. Or am I just picky? For sure.

In some second hand shops you can find from kitchen tools to pillow cases! Some of the things are vintage too! There are different kinds of second hand shops: retro, vintage furniture, clothes and etc.!

Digital second-hand shops

Blocket – the most popular second hand market in Sweden. You can find anything here! No doubt. You can get your whole room furnished from just Blocket. You can even find a room to rent…! For easy money transfer, I would recommend getting a “swish” (a Swedish app to transfer money in a second without a problem). Sometimes it is too easy and then you end up buying things you don’t really need. But they look so cute, right…?!

Blocket is amazing since it connects people all around Sweden. I bought my second-hand bike from another city. It is a vintage bike that I was craving for and put the effort of going to the middle of nowhere outside Stockholm just to buy this pretty bike. The owner gave me a lift back with my new bike in his boot! Can you imagine? People in Sweden are so nice and helpful!

If you are lazy to travel to buy second-hand things, you can always set up the radius of distance in kilometres from your home. Facebook is great for this. Facebook has so many listed items, that you can even find a nice pair of new shoes that people bought and they did not fit! The price is more reasonable for a student! Sometimes, when I travel to buy one thing, the seller would suggest other things for a great price and it is so hard to say no. I end up going home with a lamp in one hand a plant in another…

There are many facebook groups of second hand markets created by students for bigger student village ( accommodation), such as lappis market or just Stockholm second hand market!

The prices really depend on the quality of the product and on how much it is worn. For a pair of new running shoes you could pay 200KR.

Sustainable shopping

Buying items that are good quality will last longer. Sweden has many good quality items and they are super durable. When the label says made in Sweden, for me, it’s a great reason to buy it, since I know the ingredients usually are high quality.

Do you also enjoy second-hand shopping? Drop a comment below to chat about it!


4 thoughts on “Stockholm – second-hand heaven!”

  1. Hi Martyna,
    Yes its nice to me and thanks for this information.
    2 days just behind for the final result.

    1. Hey Ismail! Yes, it is! We are all super excited!

  2. Hi Martyna,

    Thank you very much for the info, I try to follow this philosophy, so I am glad to know that I could keep doing it, specially in an expensive city as Stockholm is.

    1. Hey Gerard! Thanks for the feedback! I am sure you will find something here!

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