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My favourite places in Stockholm – in spring!

Hey there! I will share some gems I love visiting in Stockholm and where I go to recharge! Stockholm has many lovely places or, as I call them, hidden gems…!

The capital city consists of 14 islands and is located where Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea. The city has so much to offer, from cosy and narrow old streets, green islands, artsy metro stations, multinational kitchens serving amazing foods and much more! Every place is unique, and some experiences such as tasting Lebanese or Indian dishes or visiting a Japanese garden are just the tip of the iceberg…! The city is full of history and stories and let me tell you some!

bergius botanical garden
Giant water lilies can take your breath away!

Bergius botanic garden

A small oasis in Bergius’s botanic garden is a tropical gateway! This place can be reached within 15 minutes of KTH!

Here, you can find vast greenhouses accommodating many tropical and native plants! This greenery is available to visit all year round. Also, there are mountain-shaped rockeries along the park’s waterfront, a Swedish twist in the gardens! The greenhouse with giant lilies creates an atmosphere and a feeling you are deep in the jungle…Those lilies are spreading and taking over the space!

Visiting the Japanese garden feels like travelling to the east. Designed as a small “garden within the garden” and shielded by the forest surrounding it, the Japanese pond is a natural spot for contemplation and rest. Stepping stones and simple bridges crossing the pond make you appreciate the landscape and the small details! You could find more information about the gardens on their website.

botanical garden japanese
Japanese garden in the Bergius takes me to the East!

Cafes in Södermalm

Meeting friends in a cosy cafe and enjoying a weekend could become your reality too! Imagine observing people strolling through the big windows and sipping a hot latte while sitting in a decorated café.

Changing the location and studying in a café is as easy as it sounds! Many cafes offer access to charging devices, strong Wi-fi and snacks with coffee that won’t break your budget!

cafe stockholm
This brilliant window sill offers wide seats!

Stockholm has many options for vegans and vegetarians. You will find quite a few vegan cafes and restaurants here! It’s common to see people enjoy an oat latte, and the cafes offer many more options! It’s super delicious. Also worth mentioning is that Swedish supermarkets usually have special sections for vegans and vegetarians!

Some places are dog friendly – that is a great reason to go there since I am addicted to dogs and need to pet them to feel better…

Wandering around Stockholm

building stockholm street
My discovery of an interesting building in Stockholm!

Personally, I enjoy wandering around the city without a destination and discovering new corners or unexplored territory. This makes me feel like a tourist again! Or should I say an explorer? I really wanted to share with you this building I discovered, where you could enter and see through to the other side! Can you spot a street a few levels down?!

Free admission museums

Why is salmon pink?

Stockholm has many free-entry museums to offer! I would really recommend seeing the art installations at the Bonniers Konsthall. I recently visited an exhibition where the artist tried to draw attention to consumerism and nature. The museum also has a shop and a small cosy café for a coffee or two..!

City Library

library city
The curved main hall is a different experience without corners!

My getaway place in Stockholm is the city library, located very centrally. You can escape here from the city’s noise and grab a book! This building has recently been renovated, and the architecture fills me with joy! The library offers various spaces, so I am convinced you will find your corner, either overlooking the park or the main hall, where you can feel a sense of togetherness. This is also an opportunity to meet people of other ages! The elderly here are so chatty and have many stories to tell!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you like music, you could peek into Lorenzo’s post about concerts! Also, Raygo shared his highlights of the day here!

Have a great week!