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Highlights of my day – Raygo

Hi guys, it is Raygo with you again today! After Lorenzo and Martyna shared their highlights of the day and the week in their previous posts, now it is my turn to talk about mine!

A cosy afternoon on the KTH main campus

I started the day with an ice-skating session with my friends in the morning. After breakfast at my accommodation, I headed to the nearest public ice skating rink from the school campus with my friends. As spring is coming soon, it is best to seize the moment and enjoy this charming and popular winter activity here in Sweden. Luckily, as it was a weekday morning, the place was not crowded as usual.

Ice-skating with my friends

As an amateur in ice skating, I was truly surprised by the skills of my friends, who also recently picked up ice skating since coming to Sweden. And I am more into Skiing, and you may check that out in my previous post introducing winter sports in Sweden!

Walking in the snowy Södermalm during my seminar course in the afternoon

After having fun on the ice and lunch, I had my seminar course in the afternoon. Apart from the studio course Martyna had discussed in her post, we also had to attend a seminar course each semester for every architecture student. This semester I chose the “Stockholm Walkabout”, a course introducing walking as a way to experience architecture and the city.

This week we had the task to invent a “play script” while walking in Södermalm, the island in the south of Stockholm. My group used a deck of playing cards to make a game for the walk (whenever we encountered a turn, we would pull a card out of the deck, and the patterns being drawn decided where we should go). It was an interesting experiment, especially when we had to perform the task in the snow. And I also got to visit somewhere I had never been to since coming to Stockholm!

My favourite fika place near the campus

After the class, It was around 4 pm, and it was high time for a very typical Swedish afternoon activity – fika! I went to the cafe I often go to with my friends, as it only takes 3 minutes from the main campus. The place is ideal for chilling out as it has a double-height glass window open to the street, which allows the cosy afternoon sunlight to shine into the interior.

We ordered Semla (Out of surprise that they still have Semla available in March! You may check out the tasting video featuring us digital ambassadors to learn more about this special pastry in Sweden) and coffee. I always enjoy the fika time as it is an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends and take a break from the school works.

The February special in Sweden – Semla!

So these are some highlights of my day and the week! The weather has been perfect in Stockholm, and we get to see some spectacular celestial events here! Remember to check Lorenzo’s post to learn more about them and Martyna’s interview series with our fellow graduates to learn about the opportunities after graduating from KTH. I will see you all next time!