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“Student discount survival kit”

Hey there! Are you planning to study at KTH and wondering how to live on a student budget in Stockholm and still enjoy exploring the city? I will give away some not-so-secret tips on how to do that! Imagine if you are stranded on the “deserted island of Stockholm”… Let’s search for what we have in our “student discount survival kit”!

An island on the island…

The student cards

The first item in the kit: The student cards. Once you arrive to Stockholm and enrol on the programme, you will get a digital student card. The app “Mecenat” will provide so many student discounts! When you are on the app, you open a discount provided, copy the code and use it for online shopping! The discounts vary from pharmacies to clothes shops to take away food! Studentkortet is another digital student card, that can give you many discounts when purchasing phones, books and healthcare products.

Mecenat is unbelievably vital to survival. If you are stranded on a deserted island, always grab the Mecenat digital card…

You will definitely need a haircut on the island. That’s where the Mecenat comes in and gives you 50% for “cutters”.

Discount Apps

Another item in the survival kit is discount apps. One is the app “Fork” which can give you a 10-30% discount on ordering food. It’s a great way to taste that dripping burger or a cheese pizza… You book a table through the app, wait for approval, and here you are – by the doorstep of the food coma.

Let’s Deal is an app for discounts on travel, food and products. Worth checking out!


To travel around the deserted island, you must have an SL card with student discounts. As Lorenzo mentioned in his previous blog post, public transportation “SL” offers mouth-watering prices for students. The good news is, to get to the airport, “Arlanda Express” gives a half-price for people up to 25 years old! That trip is around 20min and costs 160kr one way! Whereas Flix bus can offer a cheaper price, plus if you add a 15% student discount, the ticket will be around 120kr one way. If you are on a budget budget… there is a long way to the airport by public transport: a train to the small city of Märsta and a bus straight to the airport.

Discounts in retails

Last item: Retail chain stores such as Pressbyran and 7-Eleven offer student discounts on many things, such as coffee. Who lives without coffee? You could have a black coffee for 15kr!

Becoming a club member (free of charge) of huge chain stores such as clothing, sports, or Swedish department will provide you with discounts, bonus points and promotions.

Things you will see with a student discount! This rooftop!

Culture on the island

Since most of the museums in Sweden are free, you will be busy visiting them. Luckily, some exclusive museums such as Fotografiska, with a valid student discount, “slashes” 30kr off of the price! If you book in advance, they reduce by 40kr!

Yes, we have the Royal Opera on the island that gives half price for students under 26 years old. Are you excited to dress up and see something unbelievable?

Don’t forget to find this survival kit when coming to Stockholm! Lorenzo has shared some great insights about budgeting in his previous post! Also, you can find some activities on a budget here!


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