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Where to live in Stockholm?

Looking for accommodation in Stockholm? It can be difficult to know where to look, especially if you haven’t visited the city before. Although it’s impossible to sum up a city in a single post, I’m going to try give a little overview of the areas where international students usually live. This might help you to understand the character of places around Stockholm. 

Keep in mind though: This is just what I’ve heard from other international students. It’s not totally accurate or complete, but hopefully it can give you some ideas!

KTH Malvinas Accommodation

KTH Campus

If you’re moving to study, your campus will be the starting point. Public transport is very good in Stockholm, so it’s quite common to commute. It’s a good idea to check out the metro and train lines. However, the KTH Main Campus has lots of student accommodation that is loved by students. It’s right in the city but is connected to forests and lakes too. Östermalm, the area close to the campus, is one of the nicest but most expensive areas in the city, but students can find some nice places to live in nearby Gärdet.

Keep in mind that the KTH Accommodation is open for applications this month!

City Centre

The areas of Norrmalm, Gamla Stan and Djurgården make up the centre of Stockholm. They are wonderful for a day out, but students usually don’t live in these places (Lucky you if you do!). They are full of shopping, tourists, business and culture. Vasastan and Kungsholmen have a similar city-centre feeling, but have more residential areas and some student housing. These are great if you like the city life! 

Södermalm Street


Stockholmers say that Södermalm is full of hipsters. It is a part of the city centre, but it has its own laid-back atmosphere and some quiter areas too. Lots of students live on Söder, in student housing, private apartments or with older people. It’s seen as a very cool and fun place to live.

North of the City

Outside of the city’s centre, Stockholm turns into several smaller urban areas. In the north of the city you find places like Sundbyberg, Solna and Kista. These are small but busy and lively cities in themselves. You can also find large areas of housing like Täby and Danderyd, which are quieter and known for being sweet and calm.

Typical Suburban Accommodation

South of the City

Students that live beyond Södermalm in south of the city usually live in small residential areas. These are lovely and quiet and can feel like big towns. They have a few supermarkets, cafes and shops around, but you need to travel for the city life.


So many students live here that it deserves a category of its own. Even if you don’t live here, chances are that you’ll be invited up for some parties. Lappis is the place where the fun happens. It’s not connected to anything else but everything you need is there. You can easily travel to the city or campus by metro or bike. 

Lappis Student Housing

For more information about Stockholm and KTH, go to NewatKTH, or for some insider jokes about Stockholm, check out Hoodmaps.

~ Declan