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Where to live in Stockholm?

Looking for accommodation in Stockholm? It can be difficult to know where to look, especially if you haven’t visited the city before. Although it’s impossible to sum up a city in a single post, I’m going to try give a little overview of the areas where international students usually live. This might help you to … Continue reading “Where to live in Stockholm?”

Stockholm Accommodation Tips 

At this time of year, newly admitted students are usually searching for accommodation around Stockholm for August. The application for housing through KTH opens this Sunday, the 1st of May, so check out the KTH Accommodation page to apply or find out more about this. You can also check out some previous blogs to get … Continue reading “Stockholm Accommodation Tips “

Excited for Sweden? Series, Films & Books

Want to get to know more about the Swedish culture? Interested in getting an insight into the life of Stockholm? Want to find a new series to pass your time? I think I can help… I remember getting accepted into KTH, being so excited but knowing very little about the place I was travelling to. … Continue reading “Excited for Sweden? Series, Films & Books”

Cost of Living as a student in Stockholm 2022

If you search through our blogs you might see that each year we tease out the costs involved in living as a student in Stockholm. This year is no different. Here I’m going to run through some of the things I’ve learned in the past year about the money you’ll need when you come to … Continue reading “Cost of Living as a student in Stockholm 2022”

To see Stockholm in 3 days

When my parents visited me from Ireland recently, I was presented with the difficult task of showing them, who had never been to Sweden before, the whole of Stockholm in only three days… Day 1. Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan & Norrmalm The best place to stay is at Kungsholmen, I told them. A pretty part of … Continue reading “To see Stockholm in 3 days”

A spontaneous nature getaway to Nackareservatet

It’s not a secret that Swedes love being outside. There are plenty of places throughout the country where you can enjoy various outdoor activities, including national parks, nature reserves, archipelagos, multiple lakes, and rivers. And, of course, there are some cool spots around Stockholm. So last weekend, my friend and I decided it was time … Continue reading “A spontaneous nature getaway to Nackareservatet”