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Banking & Paying in Sweden

If you’ve recently been accepted to a master’s programme at KTH as an international student, this post is for you! Before moving abroad, it’s very important to know how your banking and payment methods will function in an international setting. As you research, you’ll likely come across new words like “personnummer”, “Swish”, and “BankID”. It … Continue reading “Banking & Paying in Sweden”

Cost of Living as a student in Stockholm 2022

If you search through our blogs you might see that each year we tease out the costs involved in living as a student in Stockholm. This year is no different. Here I’m going to run through some of the things I’ve learned in the past year about the money you’ll need when you come to … Continue reading “Cost of Living as a student in Stockholm 2022”

Saving Money in Stockholm: Five Tips for Students

Ah, the lifestyle of a student… Our schedule is grounded in our studies, but we also have a high degree of flexibility compared to working professionals. We get to be part of a concentrated community of young people while also living on our own as young adults. We work hard, but we get to have … Continue reading “Saving Money in Stockholm: Five Tips for Students”

Expenses in Stockholm

Hey all! Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions from the prospective students about how much I spend every month. The expense is definitely an important thing to consider to plan your masters budget accordingly. Now that I have been living the student life for half a year already, I seem to have … Continue reading “Expenses in Stockholm”