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Excited for Sweden? Series, Films & Books

Want to get to know more about the Swedish culture? Interested in getting an insight into the life of Stockholm? Want to find a new series to pass your time? I think I can help… I remember getting accepted into KTH, being so excited but knowing very little about the place I was travelling to. … Continue reading “Excited for Sweden? Series, Films & Books”

Cultural Mix in Stockholm

When I arrived on my first day in Stockholm my new roommate told me that I had to begin my time in this new city with a Stockholmer’s favourite – Kebab Pizza.  This kebab pizza (which we had along with Belgian beer in our local pizzeria-bar) was my first introduction to the cultural diversity in … Continue reading “Cultural Mix in Stockholm”

How to feel a bit more Swedish

To all of you who are soon coming to Stockholm and start your studies at KTH, you might already be super excited what lies ahead of you. Surely, there will be some things that are different than in your home country and you’ll want to feel at home as fast as possible. Here is how … Continue reading “How to feel a bit more Swedish”

Do you know what “Chapters” are?

If you’re a new student arriving in autumn, you’ll sooner or later see groups on campus, dancing or chanting and wearing “weird” clothes. At least that were my first thoughts when I arrived in autumn 2019 and saw people in different corners of the campus dancing and playing music. I know what you might think … Continue reading “Do you know what “Chapters” are?”