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Welcome to KTH!

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new blog post! Let me congratulate to all of you who have been admitted to KTH, you made it! Enjoy this moment as much as you can. At least for a couple of days, don’t think about anything: just enjoy the fact that you’ve been admitted. And after that… … Continue reading “Welcome to KTH!”

Apply to KTH: FAQ – part two

In today’s post, I will answer some more common questions regarding the application to KTH. We have already talked about how to apply to KTH, and you can also find the first part of these FAQs in this previous blog post. As January 16 is getting really close, let’s start with this second part! Which … Continue reading “Apply to KTH: FAQ – part two”

Apply to KTH: FAQ

In today’s post, I will answer some of the most common questions about how to apply to KTH. If you haven’t done it yet, I would suggest you to check Martyna’s post on how to apply to KTH and Raygo’s post on why study at KTH – I’m sure you’ll find the answer to many … Continue reading “Apply to KTH: FAQ”