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Welcome to KTH!

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new blog post! Let me congratulate to all of you who have been admitted to KTH, you made it! Enjoy this moment as much as you can. At least for a couple of days, don’t think about anything: just enjoy the fact that you’ve been admitted. And after that… let’s see what will happen in the next months!

Picture of KTH in a sunny morning
The very first picture I took after arriving at KTH last year

New at KTH

First things first: the New at KTH website should become your new best friend. All the news, updates, upcoming webinars and important dates will be posted there, so be sure to tune in and explore the website carefully! Also, you will find most of the practical info with what you actually need to know (or do) before coming here. So, super important!

I’d suggest you to start by looking at the section on the meaning of the different admission results to know what applies in your individual case.

Important dates and deadlines

There are a few important dates to remember:

Once again, be sure to check New at KTH thoroughly for more info regarding dates and deadlines!

Connect with us

During the next weeks, you will have multiple chances to get in contact with KTH students to ask them questions or have a talk. I highly recommend you not to miss these chances, as you can have all your doubts clarified and learn a lot more regarding your programme and KTH itself. Again, on the New at KTH page you can find all the info and dates on upcoming webinars and live chats.

Also, in the next few weeks you will have the chance to do a video call with a student of the same programme you will attend. This is the so-called “Connect with a KTH student” programme and, honestly, I think this is by far the most useful videocall you could ever have. You’ll get the chance to talk to a student who was in your place one or two years ago, and you’ll be able to ask her/him anything: from questions on life in Sweden up to which elective courses are the best in her/his opinion.

Some tips

To conclude, I would like to give you a few tips. Firstly, keep following our blog! In the next few weeks we will extensively cover a variety of admission-related topic, so be sure to tune in and leave comments every time anything is unclear.

Also, if you are a European student, I suggest you to start looking for housing as soon as possible. Stockholm’s housing market can be rough and you want to be sure to actively start looking already in the next couple of weeks. Here are some useful websites:

Blocket Bostad

Akademisk kvart



As I said, we’ll cover the topic extensively, so don’t worry if you feel a bit lost now!

Finally, my last tip: enjoy these days. When I found out I got admitted, I immediately started looking for housing and started to get stressed. Don’t be like me! Take the time to live this moment: you’ll have plenty of time to think about practical matters later. It’s a great achievement and you should enjoy it with the people who supported you!

Picture of a choir in the Stockholm City hall with plenty of people around
KTH welcomes the new students with a ceremony held at the Stockholm City Hall

That is all for today’s post. As always, thank you for reading! Before leaving, I suggest you to check out Raygo’s last post on his studio visit in Uppsala and Martyna’s post on second-hand markets in Stockholm – they are super nice.

Stay tuned for more updates, and congratulations again!

// Lorenzo

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  1. Hi Lorenzo, could you please write about the immediate, important things we would need to do as we land in stockholm. Like getting a personnumber or bank account etc and how to do this.

    1. Hey Raunit, yes of course! We will cover these topics in the next blog posts. Thanks for the suggestion!

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