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The first snow is here!

As you may have noticed if you follow the KTH Instagram page, it has been snowing a lot in the last few days in Stockholm!

A lot of snow falling down in front of KTH main building
When I say “a lot”, I mean “a hell of a lot”!

A couple of hours of intense snowing covered the city with over ten centimetres of snow, turning the scenery into a true winter wonderland. This was the “street” (can we still call it so?) I walk every morning to go to the university at the beginning of this week:

A street in a forest, completely covered by snow.
Silence and peace in one picture

As I said: Winter wonderland. Just like living a movie! And it gets even more fascinating after the sun sets and the street lamps turn on:

A street covered by snow, with street lamps turned on
My street a couple of days ago

But of course, we all know what the most incredible perk of the snow season is… being able to practice your snow-sculpting ability! Say hello to Gustav:

Picture of a snowmen with a very realistic human face
Incredible what the mind of a couple of 20-year-olds can conceive

To conclude, I will leave you with this beautiful picture of Gamla Stan taken by Jiaqi, our Weibo blogger!

View of Gamla Stan with snow on the roofs
You can never go wrong with Gamla Stan! Credits: Jiaqi Lu

If you are interested in having more information about the Swedish Winter, be sure to keep following us as we will surely talk more about this subject in the coming days. I myself was quite scared about the Scandinavian Winter stereotypical starter pack (darkness, cold weather…) – but is it really bad? We will uncover its mysteries together!

Have a nice weekend.

// Lorenzo