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Nocturnal dreams at KTH

When days get shorter, KTH lits up with lights, people’s smiles and loud music! Here, nocturnal life begins.

Going out in Stockholm can be pricy for students. Thus, I will share some tips with you about where to go out in a cost-effective way.

Pubs and student unions at KTH offer great events at absolutely affordable prices.

tenta pub event


THS (Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår) is the student union at KTH, hosting many events. By the way, we are learning Swedish together! This semester I decided to experience one of their biggest events – “Tenta Pub”- at the end of each official exam period. They put a lot of work and effort into this event, which I really appreciate. The prices ranged from 35kr to 70kr throughout bars. It’s a great event to have an amazing night and not worry about spending much!

a-bar event architecture school
Funky ways to create a social atmosphere in the lobby!

Chapter pubs

Since KTH is divided into schools, such as the School of Engineering Science at KTH, every school has its own chapter pub hosting an event each week. This is an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests! Last week the school of Architecture and the Built Environment hosted an “A-Bar” event in the school’s entrance hall! It is the night when everyone comes together. I guess we appreciate socialising much more behind the Covid times! The prices in chapter pubs almost as they are the same as back home in Lithuania…

studio making event party
The Studio Making event was organised by the students!

Events organised by architecture students

Last year, I was in the Making studio! We were creating architectural installations in one of the industrial buildings on the KTH campus. Together, we organised an event after our studio presentations. Everyone on campus was invited to join us! In preparation for the event, we constructed the bar and DJ booth, arranged the cloakroom and some of my architectural friends performed during the night! Everything was for 20 KR, and the profit was donated to Ukraine!

studio making event party
Our architectural installations were lit up in different colours!

Don’t worry about short days in Sweden! On the contrary, a new life full of emotions and experiences unveil!


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