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Application checklist and considerations

Hi everyone! With less than two weeks until this year’s application deadline, I would like to share with you the checklist I had from last year’s experience and some considerations to make before clicking the “apply now” button.

This might be the future destination for your master’s study! (Captured in the old town district)

Final checking of all necessary documents on both KTH and

You must check if you have uploaded all the required documents on both
the university admission system of Sweden and KTH, as it usually differs from programme to programme. In my case, I had to submit my general application materials. Namely, academic transcripts from the previous study, English Language Proof, ID, etc., to the former, while uploading my architectural portfolio on the KTH drive separately.

The application and documents submission deadlines

Related to the above, there are usually different submission deadlines for the application and document submissions. Therefore, not only do you need to identify the right places to submit the items, but also the correct deadlines. It is always a good idea to check on the programmes’ webpages to which you are desired to apply for details and updates.

Follow the steps and check your email and inbox regularly

It is crucial to follow the application steps on the admission website. The submission will not be complete if you have forgotten to pay the application fee or missed some compulsory items, for instance. Therefore, you must also check your inbox through the system and your email regularly after uploading the items. The admission authority may send you reminders or updates on the application status through there so you can take the necessary actions.

Avoid last-minute submission

Applying in advance could reduce stress and failure as you have more time to prepare. As you can continue updating your profile and application order until the deadline. I recommend completing the application at least 2-3 days in advance so you may have enough buffer time and also prevent unexpected errors.

So that is it for today! You may also check again for the application guidelines from the KTH website, the application manual posted by Martyna, and Lorenzo’s FAQs. Good luck to you all!

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