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Friendly tutoring and lots of fun: what education is like at KTH

Hey guys! I will tell you my personal view about the education at KTH and how Swedish education is shaping my personality. To be more precise, values and views will be described in terms of tutoring at the school of Architecture. This is a signifying part for me, and why I enjoy studying at KTH.

workshops at kth students working
Jorge from Barcelona says hi to you guys!

A friendly relationship with your tutors

Imagine a school where you can freely joke around with your tutors and have equal conversations. Sounds insane? That is the reality here. Tutors will listen to you attentively because they actually care about what you have to say, and I am not being dramatic! At the end of each project, we have a social gathering, with snacks and drinks, organised by our tutors! The lights are dimmed and have a very cosy vibe!

Being yourself

Individuality is very much appreciated at KTH and in Sweden. Being unique and being yourself is super important here. Your way of doing things is celebrated and encouraged. Since I am on the journey of finding who I am, I feel that KTH has been shaping my personality remarkably.

Theory and practice

Lecturers at the school of architecture are not only great educators or researchers but also practising architects. This means, theory, as well as practice, is being taught and how to apply it to the real world.

I am very happy to say that my tutors are not only excellent lecturers and architects but most importantly – uplifting and inspiring personalities.

Equality based education

Tutors don’t have their “favourite students” here. It’s quite the opposite – every student is unique. Competition is not encouraged and KTH is making sure you feel that way! To me, it is super crucial to be equally treated and to work in a friendly environment where you feel like a part of it and not compete against it! Thus, group projects really build up this atmosphere and great relationships.

KTH campus

The new school of architecture at KTH is designed in a way, that the studios or classrooms are undivided. Each floor has an open plan so you can walk around without any disruptions. This way, students can openly start a conversation with one another nearby! Helping out each other and having discussions is a significant part of the education at KTH! Not only within architecture!

installation architecture kth students
Jump of happiness at the end of the project

You are the driver

Tutors give you an open brief or task and let you decide how and what topic you want to pursue. You are in the driver’s seat and you decide everything about your project. The tutors are only there to encourage and guide you so you don’t get sidetracked. Even if you make mistakes, these are celebrated in architecture. The goal is to try. Sometimes, an interesting twist comes out of the mistakes in architecture projects!


You can see the spark in your tutors’ eyes that is encouraging and contagious! It is so motivating when your tutors bring an immense amount of energy into your project (sometimes, it seems like they are more excited than you). Teachers put this energy into creating an even more interesting brief (task)! Last year one of my tutors collaborated with his own office and together, we created an architectural installation called “The inverted monument”. This project was initiated by the Stockholm organisation of art and culture. You can find more photographs on our studio Making Instagram account if I caught your interest.

window manufacturers tutor meeting
Visit to window manufacturers organised by my tutor

Establishing connections

At the beginning of the project, our tutor invited us to visit the windows manufacturers’ office in Stockholm and ask them questions directly! It established a connection between us and them. Once, you graduate, you will be more confident in meeting the manufacturers during your first projects in the real world!

I hope you ranked your programmes ahead of time and started collecting the documentation for the application! Are you plucking your hair because you are not sure if KTH is the best option? Lorenzo summed up why we love studying at KTH in his blog post!