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Why apply to KTH: our two cents

Hello everybody! The application deadline is almost here: only one week before January 16. But the aim of this blog post is not to scare you: instead, Martyna, Raygo and I would like to tell you why each one of us chose KTH – and why we think you should, too!

A selfie of the student bloggers
Having a little chat with my fellows International Student Bloggers at KTH Library!


Martyna chose KTH mainly because of its high-end laboratories and equipment, as well as the university high ranking in employment reputation. As a matter of fact, this is just one of the many categories in which KTH does shine! Internationalisation and quality of education are two of the other aspects that make KTH a top-tier European university. If you’re interested to know more about rankings, I’d suggest you to read Martyna’s post on Sweden in the rankings.

Moreover, she wanted to live Stockholm’s multicultural atmosphere and enjoy the modernity of the city, especially with regards to the means of transportation. When it comes to being multiculture, Stockholm and KTH really shine! A lot of cultures and people from all over the world meet and spend time together everyday at KTH and, when walking in the streets, it’s really easy to hear different languages and actually feel like a citizen of the world.


Raygo, on the other hand, was more interested in the Scandinavian and Swedish culture and design – which is certainly something you can enjoy at KTH! I was very impressed by how clean the city and the university architecture style was, with big buildings which look cosy and familiar at the same time.

Moreover, he was also attracted by Stockholm’s high security standards – the city is very safe both at night and during the day, and there isn’t really a “bad neighourhood” to avoid: this is something that really impressed me at first. Finally, he wanted to experience KTH quality of education and its high level of innovation – something that is, once again, reflected in the rankings.


When it comes to me, I chose KTH because of its very good reputation in Science and Engineering, its location and, finally, because of the attention that the university addresses to innovation and sustainability. These last two are aspects in which KTH really shines: the research is very sustainability-oriented, the campus is very green and, at the same time, the university is innovative both when it comes to the teaching and to the overall study environment – if you want to start your own company, KTH surely is an excellent launch pad.

If you still haven’t, I’d invite you to read my last blog post on the perks of studying at KTH. There, I go into a bit more detail on why I love studying here!

Picture of KTH under a dark grey sky
KTH awaits you!

That is all for today’s post. As I already did previously, I suggest you to check out our previous blog posts on the admission tips to apply to KTH, starting from Martyna’s guide on the application process. Also, don’t miss our FAQs-posts and Raygo’s last post on the application checklist!

I’ll see you in the next post, which will be about the documents to submit before February 1.

Good luck with your application!

// Lorenzo

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