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The Nobel Week!

Today marks the prestigious Nobel Prize Day, and the ceremony was truly spectacular! If you missed the live event, don’t worry – you can watch the entire ceremony at your leisure. Just follow this link: Nobel: Prisutdelningen

A map showing a route from KTH campus to the Stockholm Concert Hall
The Nobel Prize Ceremony is held in the Stockholm Concert Hall, just 2.7 kilometers from KTH

The week leading up to Nobel Prize Day was equally thrilling! From December 2nd to 10th, Stockholm was alight with the Nobel Week Lights festival. Orchestrated by the Nobel Prize Museum, this festival transforms the city into a canvas of light installations, each one creatively inspired by the remarkable achievements of Nobel Prize laureates in science, literature, and peace.

This celebration not only illuminates the city but also brilliantly showcases the lasting impact of these laureates’ contributions, bringing their groundbreaking work to life in a vivid and memorable display.

The Stockholm City hall illuminated by beautiful lights and art
The Stockholm City Hall, illuminated with art

Gazing upon the “History in Light” installation, I was spellbound by the seamless fusion of Stockholm’s natural beauty and artistic heritage, all projected majestically on the City Hall. It’s a breathtaking journey through time, where historical paintings come alive, leading to the grand reveal of the City Hall’s treasures, echoing the Nobel Prize’s legacy in science and literature.

A person standing next to a huge glowing orb
A surreal experience at the ‘Moongarden’ installation

I felt as if I was transported to an extra-terrestrial location when I visited the “Moongarden” installation. Huge orbs, light up the area, making the place feel surreal.

A device projecting light
The projector used for the Circadian Waves installation

KTH has made a significant contribution to the “Circadian Waves” installation, an extraordinary light and sound exhibit. In this immersive experience, spectators find themselves surrounded by a dynamic dance of light and darkness, harmonized with a symphony of sound and silence. This captivating display, set amidst the urban backdrop, masterfully mirrors the natural ebb and flow of our daily circadian rhythms, offering a mesmerizing fusion of art, science, and the human experience.

a three-dimensional light installation, with multiple small LED lights
‘Waves’ – A three dimensional light grid

Absolutely, the true magic of these installations can only be fully appreciated in person. Their beauty is exceptional. My colleague Sanaa has captured some of this enchantment in a stunning video on Instagram –Sanaa’s post. It offers a glimpse into the captivating allure of these artworks.

That’s an amazing opportunity awaiting you next year as a KTH student! You’ll get to immerse yourself in the breathtaking Nobel Week Lights installations, a fusion of art, science, and culture. It’s truly a unique and enriching experience that you’ll cherish as part of your journey at KTH. I’m genuinely thrilled for you and can’t wait for you to witness and be inspired by this spectacular event! Samantha has an posted an interesting article about her typical day as a KTH student, check it out here: A Day In My Life as a KTH Student.

Below are some more photos from the Nobel Week Lights festival.

The stockholm city hall, illuminated with blue light, with the images of snow crystals being projected on it. the Author is posing for a photo in front of the building.
This reminded me of the Ice Castle from the ‘Frozen’ movie.
five rows of perioding balls of light, illuminated.
“Kick it”- A fun game-like installation representing Niels Bohr’s atomic model
An installation where the entire floor is illuminated with light, people are walking on it.
A magic carpet of lights, which reacts to your movement

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