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KTH Application FAQ: 2024 Edition

Hello everybody and welcome to this new post! As the application deadline approaches, we thought it could be a good idea to do a quick recap of the most important information you need to know to nail your application to KTH, Sweden’s best technical university! You will find plenty of links in this blog post, feel free to explore them to have more information on the topics will talk about today!

Picture of KTH campus at dusk with snow
Frosty evening at KTH!

Where and When Should I Submit my Application?

The application period for Autumn 2024 opened on October 16, 2023, and will close on January 15, 2024.

This means that by January 15 you must have submitted the application to the Master’s programmes you are interested to attend, and you do so by ranking up to four Master’s programmes in order of preference on University Admissions.

You will then have time to upload the application documents and pay the application fee (if you are not an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen) until February 1, 2024. If you submit all documents and pay the application fee at an early stage, it will increase your chances of getting feedback on your application if something is missing or incorrect. This will give you time to correct your application accordingly, before the 1 February deadline.  

All the applications to Swedish universities are administered through University Admission, and that’s where you will have to upload all your application documents. You should not send any document directly to KTH.

What Documents Do I Need?

You will have to upload different documents depending on the programme you are applying to. However, all KTH programmes require you to upload an identity document (which can either be your passport or your ID card, if you are from the EU), an English certificate (be sure to think about this well in advance!), a transcript of records (including passed and ongoing courses) and a degree certificate (which should be translated in English).

Additionally, your programme may require you to upload other PDF documents like a CV, portfolio, cover letter or recommendation letters (written by a supervisor, employer or professor of yours). Be sure to check out which documents you need to submit by clicking on your programme and then “Entry Requirements” in the menu on the left!

As said above, you have until February 1 to upload these documents.

What if I Don’t Have my Degree Certificate Yet?

You can still apply even if you are in your last year of Bachelor’s studies and you still haven’t graduated. You have to upload all your required documents by February 1, except your degree certificate. You will be able to upload the degree certificate later on during the year, once you will have graduated! Also, if you are still missing some exams, you can upload the transcript of records with your current grades and then you will be able to update it once you receive the grades from the missing courses.

Entrance of the E-building, on KTH main campus
I love these pretty details of KTH campus!

How will my Application be Assessed?

Your application will be assessed based on the documents you uploaded. This means that whether you’ll be admitted to KTH or not does not depend solely on your GPA, but it will depend on a combination of factors. Your motivation, as well as the subjects of your previous studies and your previous experiences will have a big role in deciding the outcome of your application!

My advice is to not to stress too much about your GPA when applying; it is important to have a suitable background and motivation and, most importantly, to be able to show KTH that you actually have the right background and motivation! This means dedicating time to your application, thinking about every detail and not leaving anything to chance.

Drafting a good application will take time, so take that into account and face the difficulties with a smile! 😀

What about scholarships?

KTH offers several scholarships to make your dream of studying in Sweden come true. You can find most information on this page, as well as in previous blog posts (you can use the “Search” function on the right). In this regard, I highly recommend you Sam’s post on landing a KTH scholarship!

What level of English does KTH require?

KTH requires all master’s students to have obtained a level of English “equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary course English 6”. What this means in practice is thoroughly explained on the entry requirements page of KTH website. More detailed info is provided on this University Admissions page.

Don’t forget that, depending on your country of origin, you may have other ways to prove that you have the correct level of English. So be sure to check the website out, and remember that obtaining English certifications takes time – so start the process right now!

Picture of a building on the water in Stockholm in the night
During Winter, you often get to experience the city during the night – beautiful!

That is all for today! I hope you found this post useful. Probably, a second part will follow during the Christmas holidays – so feel free to let us know what questions you’d like to be covered here!

Should you have any further questions, you can get in touch with KTH in many different ways, so don’t be afraid to do it! Also, I invite you to check out the recording of our last webinar “Application insights” – so many important aspects were covered!

Before leaving, don’t forget to check out Sai’s last post on the Nobel Week and Sam’s last post on a day in her life as a KTH student, I am sure you’ll be inspired!

Have a nice week!

// Lorenzo

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  1. Hi, is there any word count limit for the letter of motivation?

    1. Hi Ashwath! Word limits are usually stated in the ‘Entry requirements’ section of the webpage of the programme you want to apply to. If there are no word limits there, then I would suggest you either to send an email to your programme coordinator (you find their address in the ‘Ask us about studies’ section) or stick to maximum one pdf page. Good luck!

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