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Landing a KTH Scholarship

Hej everyone! Welcome to this week’s post! As an international student, the first thing that came to my mind regarding applications to masters programmes, was if there was any funding available to help me afford my studies. Luckily, KTH offers various scholarship opportunities for international students pursuing master’s studies. Scholarships are awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, a commitment to sustainable development, and a desire to contribute to the KTH community. In this post, I will share some key details about the scholarships available that fully fund masters studies and three tips to help you put your best foot forward in your scholarship application. The application for the KTH scholarship and the KTH India Scholarship both open on December 1, 2023 so it is important to start thinking about your funding options and applications now!

scholarship recipients standing for a photo
All of the scholarship recipients in my starting academic year! Can you spot me?

2 Types of Full Master’s Scholarships

The KTH Scholarship: Aimed at any tuition fee-paying student. The scholarship covers full tuition of a one or two year master’s programme.

The KTH India Scholarship: Specifically aimed at students from India, this scholarship offers financial assistance to those admitted to a master’s program at KTH. It covers the tuition fee for the first year and can be extended for the second year if the recipient maintains good academic progress.

You can read more about other types of scholarship opportunities here.

Wondering how to be successful in getting a scholarship? Here are my 3 tips for success!

With limited scholarships available and large interest, it’s important to set yourself apart from the other applicants and ensure that you standout to the selection committee. I, myself, am very fortunate to have received a KTH Scholarship, so I can say with confidence that I know how daunting the process can be, so let me share my tips on how to maximize your chances at getting a scholarship.

girl holding paper
Me proudly holding my scholarship certificate!
  1. Academic Excellence: This one may be obvious, but having good grades and a strong academic background is crucial. Ensure that your academic records are exemplary, as KTH places significant emphasis on academic excellence when awarding scholarships. However, having a perfect GPA is not everything. I personally did not have a perfect GPA, but what I did have comes as my next 2 crucial tips for the scholarship.
  2. Extracurricular Involvement: Highlight your involvement in extracurricular activities and any professional experiences that set you apart from other applicants or perhaps that relate to the studies you want to do at KTH. KTH values well-rounded individuals who can contribute to the campus community and bring diverse perspectives to their programs. Here is where you can show your personality, but also highlight any transferable skills that you have gained through your hobbies or passion projects that you could apply in a unique way to the studies you want to pursue. For me, these were things like research projects, being in debate club, organizing an art show, etc…
  3. Commitment to Sustainable Development: KTH is actively working to integrate sustainable development into its education, so it’s essential to show sincere motivation for how your degree and your future contributions align with this goal. In fact, this is something directly asked for in the application for the scholarship, so it’s important that you get this part of the application right. My hot tip is to think about something personal to you and explain how your masters degree from KTH can help you resolve or expand whatever that story may be. Remember that you should let your passion and sincerity for this shine through in your writing.
Samantha and Rafael stand by a scholarship reception poster
Rafael from KTH Instagram and I at last year’s scholarship reception!

By emphasizing these factors in your scholarship application, you have the potential to increase your chances of securing a scholarship to pursue your master’s studies at KTH. Remember to thoroughly review the specific eligibility criteria and application deadlines for each scholarship to ensure you meet the requirements and submit your application on time. Good luck everyone!