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Passport to Global Learning – KTH Global

At KTH, students have several opportunities to explore and study abroad. If you’ve ever dreamt of expanding your horizons, immersing yourself in new cultures, and creating a global network of friends, KTH has you covered. Notably, from the 6th to the 9th of November, KTH organised a captivating series of seminars and events under the banner of KTH Global. These gatherings were not mere dates on a calendar but windows of opportunity, providing insights into international education. Here’s a glimpse of the invaluable lessons from this event.

A picture of a lecture hall showing two projector screens displaying the text "KTH Global 2023"
KTH Global event

Why you should study abroad?

Embarking on a study abroad adventure is more than a geographical shift; it’s a transformative journey that propels personal and academic growth. Beyond the allure of exotic locales, the experience enriches your studies, offering diverse perspectives that shape a more well-rounded you. The benefits extend beyond academia, with doors opening to expanded career opportunities and a global network that knows no bounds. Making friends for life becomes second nature, as you navigate new cultures together, fostering enduring connections. Surprisingly, the process is relatively simple, with institutions like KTH streamlining the path to international education. So, why study abroad? Because it’s not just a chapter; it’s an entire volume of self-discovery, professional advancement, and lifelong connections waiting to be written.

KTH is here for you!

KTH not only offers a world-class education but also provides numerous exciting opportunities for students to broaden their horizons through international experiences. Whether you aspire to be an exchange student, engage in a degree project abroad, or increase your understanding and experience of challenges and environments in low- and middle-income countries, KTH has various opportunities for you.

A picture of a lecture hall with multiple seats.
A typical lecture hall at KTH Kista campus

I found this interesting article on the student field study by KTH students David Sigge and Filip Borgström, who spent two months in Thailand as part of their degree project in industrial economics: “How coffee beans can lift farmers out of poverty

Funding Opportunities

To support these ventures, KTH offers a range of funding options, both within and outside of Europe. Travel grants of upto 8000 SEK, scholarships for Erasmus+ studies of around €500 per month, and various other financial aids are available to make your international academic journey more accessible. KTH also has language scholarships to fund you if you need to learn a new language! Additionally, external organisations also provide scholarship opportunities, enhancing the financial support available to ambitious students.

For detailed information on these opportunities and how to make the most of your international experience, visit the dedicated Study Abroad page on KTH’s website. At KTH, the world becomes your classroom, and the possibilities for global education are within your reach.

Will you study abroad?

After you become a student at KTH, your international journey doesn’t end here, it extends far beyond lecture halls, providing you with the passport to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures that span the continents. So, even after the class bell rings, the world remains your classroom, and the possibilities for exploration are limitless.

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